Packaging design is one of the essential components when creating a successful brand identity. The new Packly sample kits will guide you toward the winning choice.

Good packaging design helps consumers identify your products and makes purchasing decisions more immediate. All companies should focus on packaging design during the initial stages of product creation. Doing so will avoid costly oversights at a later time. We have put together the new Packly sample kits to show you and your customers the variety of packaging models you can replicate on our platform.

Packly new sample kits
Packaging examples by Packly

The best way to avoid making costly mistakes is to validate several samples. Prototypes allow designers to work with manufacturers to develop a final version of the packaging design. Such experiments also provide continuous feedback on the correct functioning of the custom boxes.

Prototypes are great ways to evaluate ideas and check which packaging is best before starting large-scale production. Doing so allows you to get around potential issues before they become too complex.

Packly sample kits: Complete and Light versions

Our complete catalog includes everything you need to create a captivating presentation. You can use our 70 models, conduct tests, insert your product and evaluate the prototype performance.

Packly sample kits: media and special finishings
Packly sample kits: special finishings and materials

Alternatively, you can choose the light catalog, three linear boxes of different weights and materials.

New Packly Samples: # 5 Just Out

Getting the perfect packaging you’ve always wanted takes time. It takes months of planning, research, and testing. And once you get down that road, there are a lot of things that can go wrong along the way.

Packly new sample kit #5
Packly new sample kit #5

With the new Packly sample kits, there will be no need to spend hours searching for different materials and finishes looking for the perfect design. We’ll save you weeks testing anything from the box size to the model to use.

With Packly, you have five samples with as many different targets to guide you immediately toward the most suitable solution.

  1. Sample kit 1
  2. Sample kit 2
  3. Sample kit 3
  4. Sample kit 4
  5. Sample kit 5 NEW


Do you have to launch a new product and try different types of packaging? Order one or more new Packly sample kits; the choice will be empirical and efficient. Once you have found the perfect match, go back to our creative interface to test the graphics and order the printed boxes: the result will be no short of rewarding!