Packaging is one of the most powerful communication tools you can use to reach your target audience effectively, increase sales and best introduce yourself to customers, distributors and potential investors.

Designing the packaging in the early stages of a project is crucial, as it is an integral part of the product. It represents an investment that both small and large companies can afford and not simply an additional cost.

However, ordering small amounts of a new packaging or a high-quality prototype is not always easy and not always cheap. At Packly, we are determined to solve this problem by offering a unique packaging design platform that allows our customers to print prototypes or micro-runs: a unique cost-saving opportunity, as we do not require a minimum order quantity. Companies can buy the exact number of boxes they need, reducing waste and –most importantly – with minimal investment.

A printing service with no minimum order requirements offers several advantages:


Validating the product

Launching a new product is a challenge for any company, large or small. Before investing time and resources in a project, it is advisable to validate the idea by collecting the first impressions of potential customers (for example, by showing your prototype of professional packaging to a focus group). In this way, your projections will be much closer to reality – at a competitive cost.


Testing different shapes or graphics

Do you have different versions of your packaging in mind, but you do not know which one to choose? To decide quickly and reduce your error margin, you can order a few copies of your packaging and evaluate alternatives having the physical box in front of you, printed in high quality.


An example of packaging printed in two versions to evaluate different graphic designs.

Present yourself in a professional way

Would you like to send samples to your potential customers? The first impression is what counts. Present yourself with a professional-quality box, because your customers will evaluate the product starting from the package in which they receive it.


Small production

As a start-up, you may not have important production volumes yet, and you may have found yourself in the situation of having to buy boxes from suppliers that require minimum order quantities, sometimes with a relevant impact on – or perhaps exceeding – your budget. You can easily solve the problem with a small print run (or mini-series), only purchasing the number of boxes that you need.


Reduced inventory

Inventory stocks represent a cost for the company. With Packly, you can order the exact amount of boxes that you actually require, based on the orders you receive from customers. By doing so, you can apply the just-in-time method to printed products as well.


Adapt to marketing needs

A good packaging must be able to adapt to the evolution of the market and to marketing and communication needs, which may require a temporary variation of text and graphics on the box (for example, in case of sales promotions, special discounts, events, etc…). Being able to order the quantities that are strictly necessary each and every time, your packaging can be truly versatile, at a very low cost.

An example of packaging printed in two versions to evaluate different graphic designs.

Two variants of the same box, created for a promotional campaign.

Custom packaging with the distributor’s brand

Would you like to organize commercial actions in collaboration with your retailers? Do you need to create a packaging with your distributors’ brands, or a custom graphic design for different distribution channels? You can do it easily, thanks to the ability to order only the copies you need.



The advantage of being able to order prototypes, micro-print runs, or simply the exact amount of boxes that your company needs allows you, on one hand, to validate your business idea and understand which packaging “sells” your product better, and, on the other hand, to save on costs without compromising on the quality of a powerful sales tool: the product’s packaging.

Packly gives maximum freedom to start-ups and new business projects, making it finally possible to order high-quality, professional packaging from one single copy to the exact amount required.