Packaging and advertising have long gone hand in hand. The communicative function of packaging has taken on a strategic role in terms of both sales and advertising. In fact, experts often call it a silent salesman. If properly designed, packaging can become a decisive factor in buyers’ choice and an iconic symbol of the company, as is the case with the Coca-Cola and Campari bottles.

Packaging has become a real communication form whose job is to tell a story and advertise the product. This new function of packaging has made the link between packaging and advertisement indissoluble.

Over time, the promotional function of packaging has extended far beyond corporate advertising strategies to the point of becoming one of the most popular tools in personal branding programs for freelancers.

Personal branding, however,  is not the only professional promotion that favors the combined use of packaging and advertising. Often, in fact, creatives and sector professionals rely on packaging design for private self-promotion that does not aim at branding. A creative alternative for the classic business cards that can make all the difference within a highly competitive job market.

Take a look at 10 self-promotional packaging ideas cleverly designed to leave their mark and stand out from the competition. 

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