Packaging community survey, a research sponsored by Packly

Packaging community survey. Find out what graphic experts have to say about best practices and main challenges of packaging design. When we talk about packaging, we refer to a large market in continuous evolution. Applications are just the tip of the iceberg of a professional’s design work.

Starting from trends and market data, we have issued three surveys among designer communities on Facebook. What is their approach to packaging design? This is the result of the questionnaires entitled “Packaging as seen by communities”.

Cardboard packaging is where Packly concentrates his activities through our online design and printing services. A few weeks after the launch of the embellishments, we decided to collect the suggestions of professionals who daily work in the sector.

Which questions sparked the most interest? Which feedbacks came from the communities? Keep reading to find out.

Survey 1: how do you create/design a die-cut template?

Packaging community survey: the design phase
Packaging community survey: the design phase

Packaging: generating and designing the die-cut template

It starts from here, from the design, development and creation of the die-cut template. The first survey aimed at finding out how graphic designers generate the layout and which tools or companies they turn to for design validation.

More than 65% of the participants seek support in printing or die cutters for layout production. This result confirms the various comments we received, which underline the importance of the skills acquired by those involved in direct production.

Less than 20% reuse old projects, modifying them according to the customer’s requests. The use of CAD software or parametric standards stops at around 7% and 9% respectively. Could the solution be the use of a more straightforward, cheaper and user-friendly tool?

Survey 2: what is the most important technical feature for successful packaging?

Packaging community survey: the secret to success
Packaging community survey: the secret to success

Packaging: survey on distinctive features

Responses and comments to the second question were really surprising. We can name several successful cases of packaging that have left their mark. Which characteristics make a packaging unique? We wanted to identify the technical features that make packaging stand out. Over 45% of the interviewees responded by focusing on the embellishment of the printed matter. This trend confirms how much non-printing processes are fundamental in visual communication projects.

A small part of interviewed users prefer special materials beyond cardboard. The ranking closes with multi-color printing, rated as a winning solution by only 6% of respondents. A particular mention goes to all aspects related to reuse and recycling. Environmental issues remain a sensitive topic. The interviewees have highlighted their “green” soul and their attention to sustainable packaging.

Survey 3: what are the most challenging obstacles in cardboard packaging design?

Packaging: community survey about major obstacles

The main barriers to creating successful packaging

What obstacles does a professional encounter in the creation of packaging? The price aspect accounts for 50%. It happens especially in medium / low runs. A reliable supplier is the one who guarantees the project compliance: a gap found by 16.8% of the interviewees. Two technical aspects follow: colors not being “faithful” to the project (17.3%) and lack of samples (11.1%). The absence of special finishing options closes the group (4.8%). Although users have chosen embellishment as one of the main aspects for winning packaging, they express difficulties in finding valid and accessible options.

Packaging and the community: conclusions of the survey

Packaging, according to communities, is a challenge between what you would like to achieve and what you can get from your suppliers. Digital has certainly changed the rules of production, guaranteeing more options at very competitive prices. The challenge for companies remains to ride the technological wave and offer users more and more alternatives in line with the creative needs of professionals. Packly has made this into its long-term goal. Create a prototype now, even in limited editions, apply the most suitable graphics and finishes, and the tailor-made result will be shipped to you!

This is Packly’s recipe based on the new digital design and finishing services.

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