Packaging for professional cosmetics. We chatted with Federica Rossi, Sales and Marketing Manager of Ebrand Italia. Let’s find out how and why they use Packly for their packaging.

We already talked about the importance of packaging for cosmetics. Today we meet Federica Rossi, Sales and Marketing Manager of Ebrand Italia, an e-commerce of cosmetics for professional aesthetics.

There is a curiosity related to the birth of Ebrand. Would you like to tell us about it?

Of course. If we told you that we started from rock bottom, would you believe it?

You should! Because Ebrand was born just like that, exactly ten years ago. To follow a gut feeling, we were a small group of people who sent a few packs of waxes a day from a basement.

We thought that all cosmetics professionals would search the web for essential products to carry out their business. Therefore, they just needed a “place” where they could find everything they looked for.

It was a brave choice made at a particular moment. The beauty and cosmetics sector was still tied to traditional channels and unwilling to invest online at the time.

One of your company’s core values ​​is sustainability. So how do you live up to this commitment?

Most Ebrand products result from lab research that reflects our “green” approach. In fact, we feel responsible for the environment.

Furthermore, the partner labs are just a few miles from our main office. Thus our production, which does not require long transport, has a lower environmental impact. At the same time, we contribute to the development of local organic certified companies.

How much does cosmetic packaging weigh on sustainability?

To better understand our sustainability plan, we will divide it into two phases.

Firstly, the research and development activity aims to create effective, sustainable, and responsible products.

Secondly, there’s environmental responsibility, which aims to reduce corporate footprint. How? Use recycled packaging made with 50% recycled plastic, using eco-sustainable or 100% recyclable materials such as glass.

Kit Dren tray with sleeve ebrand made on packly
Dren kit tray with sleeve

How did you discover Packly?

We found you through a tip from our graphic designer, and we are definitely delighted!

packly meets ebrand team at cosmoprof
Ebrand meets the Packly team

What role does packaging play in professional cosmetics?

Exquisite packaging plays a fundamental role in cosmetics. Therefore, buyers must remember beauty products not only for the type of action they perform but also for the external appearance which entices the customer to repurchase them.

The packaging of a cream, or other cosmetic, is the first point of contact between the consumer and the brand. A cosmetic packaging must therefore protect the product and ensure its looks are desirable in customers’ eyes.

Can you tell us about one of the packaging projects you created with Packly?

With Packly, we have created beautiful boxes for new products called Benda collat. In addition, we have created a package for our capsule masks, packs for two face and body oils, and all the beauty boxes for our face and body kits for resale!

tuck end box cosmetic oil ebrand italia
Tuck end box for cosmetic oil


If beauty is paramount to your offer, the same must be for packaging. Build a prototype with Packly right away. You will get a print quote and a 3D preview in real-time.