Packaging graphic design may have hidden dangers. In some of the previous articles, we talked about how important graphic features of boxes are, both at a communicative and distinctive level.

In this blog post, you can find useful suggestions in order to avoid some of the most frequent packaging graphic design mistakes.

Everyone who should design packaging graphic for the first time need to keep in mind that all about a tridimensional product, the packaging, has to be realised, at a graphic level, on a bidimensional support. Graphic elements will have then to be entered on the packaging diecut level so that, once folded all the sides, they will not be upside down or in a position different from the one desired.

The dieline upon which applying artwork refers to cut and crease shape forming the flat box, whose sides are placed, flanked or overlapped, on one single surface and their initial orientation will not always match the final one. This structural feature is often the reason of packaging graphic design mistakes: laymen very frequently don’t take into account the final orientation of sides, placing texts, logos and images in a wrong way.


How to

First, we suggest printing, on any sheet, the diecut template and assembly the box chosen in order to figure out which part of the dieline refers to the corresponding side, once folded. You can print the diecut template without graphic design and insert on every side, as the box has been assembled, some personal information regarding orientation or print, symbols or texts, in order to directly highlight possible mistakes on the prototype. You will need then to open the printed sheet to exactly verify the effective graphic correspondence 2D/3D.

Second, we show you various examples of packaging graphic design instead, in 2D and 3D, starting from the boxes available on Packly, collected in 6 macro-categories: linear box, double wall tray, lid and bottom box, rollover hinged lid box, display box and sleeve.



Linear box

1-2-3 bottom box dieline



Double wall tray


double wall tray diecut template



Lid and bottom box

lid and bottom box dieline



Rollover hinged lid box


rollover hinged lid box dieline



Display box

display box diecut template




sleeve diecut template