Ring boxes with an original design: a various packaging collection to satisfy every taste.

Every jewel is accurately designed to better seduce consumers. Just by looking at it, the jewel begins to act: it could be a watchful eye or a fast and distract one. In this post today, we analise one of the product of this industry: the ring. An accessory “worn as an ornamental piece of jewellery around the finger” that requests an adequate presentation, in showcase and box. The package is a very important part of the selling strategy. Would you buy a ring, carefully treated but stored inside an impersonal box, that not recalls the style of the product you bought? Or, would you give it as a present? I think not. Buying a ring, for you or someone else, shows a particular interest in aesthetic, attention to details and desire to appear in a specific way: in this case, packaging will make the difference.

Ring boxes recall, in appearance, their content, or they should! Think at the ring of the previous example, at the same way: maybe the choice to create a box with a totally different style from the item is intentional. It could be a way to impress and amaze the end-user and reach a specific desired effect, but there is also a risk: its design could also lead to the product failure, causing confusion or, worse, disappointment to the buyer.

The 10 ring boxes suggested in this blogpost show some of the many structural and aesthetic design possibilities to realise an original packaging solution for this kind of product: a very funfair for creative designers. Some of them are really able to think “outside the box” giving life to unique and eye-catching packaging. Shapes, decorations and texts have been accurately studied to create beautiful, functional and successful ring boxes, that strengthen their brand identity.