Do you want to throw a last minute barbecue? Or are you simply starving? Keep calm and “break glass”. That is the funny idea behind the custom boxes concept created by Packly.

Inspired by the popular fire box, the suggested package is as simple as essential: a lid and bottom box (full height), total red, with a windowing on the top. The window shows the content of the pack – 5 hot dogs that will fight your hunger! – on which stands out the famous statement “In case of fire break glass”. The opening has no plastic film because the product is already protected by its primary packaging.

This kind of item is often packed in food packs, usually in plastic, that seem almost anonymous: one side with all the information required for foodstuffs, such as ingredients, packing and expiration date, and the brand logo; the other side transparent that only shows the product. A packaging solution with an essential – and often uncommunicative – design from which was born our daily proposal: pack the hot dogs, with their primary packaging, inside custom boxes that offer great opportunities of differentiation from competitors and communication with customers.

On the outside bottom of the tray there is a short and concise message, with white fonts, that suggests what to do if you need help for your custom boxes design: visit Packly website, the easiest way to create high quality packages with your sizes and graphics.

Still skeptical? Try now our application, print online your packs and tell us your opinion.

Now that the packaging emergency has gone: break glass and grill up!

Technical details of the packaging:

Packaging type: Lid and bottom box (full height)
Dimensions (mm): A: 232 B: 145 H: 45
Printing method: Digital print, four-color process


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