The perfume and cosmetics industry is witnessing continuous evolution, even in packaging trends. This is why it’s crucial to stand out by highlighting the uniqueness of one’s brand and product, as demonstrated by the company Parfums des Iles.

Parfums des Iles: the story of the brand’s perfumes and packaging

The story of this brand and its artisanal perfumes began in the mid-90s in Martinique, a wild island in the Lesser Antilles archipelago, emerging like a jewel from the Caribbean Sea.

From a passion for tropical essences, the company has evolved by integrating the production of soaps and cosmetics using alcohol derived from the distillation of local sugarcane. This pioneering approach has enabled it to offer unique fragrances deeply connected to the olfactory richness of Martinique, and new collections inspired by tropical treasures.

The company’s commitment to craftsmanship and local identity is beautifully reflected in the packaging of its products, especially in the “Madinina” range, where each element evokes the soul and colors of Martinique.

Their collaboration with Packly has enabled the creation of customized packaging that enhances the sophistication and elegance of the fragrances.

In this interview for Packly, Parfums des Iles discusses its evolution, successes, packaging choices, and future projects with the promise to uphold its values of excellence, innovation, and connection with tropical nature.

Can you tell us about the origins of the “Parfums des Iles” brand?

The “Parfums des Iles” brand was founded in 1996 in Sainte Luce, Martinique.

Its initial goal was to produce high-quality artisanal perfumes and cosmetics. Over the years, the brand has expanded its product range to offer a complete olfactory experience, integrating the production of soaps and cosmetics into its creative process in 2009.

In 2015, Parfums des Iles marked a milestone by becoming the first “artisan” to experiment with perfumes using alcohol derived from the distillation of Martinican sugarcane.

This innovation has allowed the brand to offer unique and inspiring fragrances.

The Bar à Parfums service, introduced during this period, quickly became a landmark for lovers of tropical scents, offering an exceptional sensory experience.

Since 2021, Parfums des Iles has taken a further step by opening its own research and development laboratory in Sainte Luce. This lab is dedicated to creating new products and tropical collections, such as exotic and fruity chantilly, thus reinforcing the brand’s ongoing commitment to innovation and quality in the field of artisanal perfumes and cosmetics.

The warm-colored box containing Parfums des Iles perfumes.

How important are the values of craftsmanship and local identity in the choice and creation of your packaging?

Local identity is a cornerstone in creating our packaging for the “Madinina” perfume range. Every design element is imbued with the spirit and richness of Martinique, thus capturing the essence of our connection to the territory.

The choice of bottles with softly rounded curves and a raised golden cap was driven by the desire to symbolize finesse and lightness, thus highlighting the importance of craftsmanship in designing our products.

The large banana leaves, a visible inspiration from our office, were consciously incorporated into the design, emphasizing our deep connection with the local flora.

The turquoise and orange colors are not merely aesthetic choices but reflect the Martinican landscapes. They create a harmonious palette, evoking the nuances of the surrounding water and the characteristic sunsets of our territory.

Each shade was carefully selected to reflect the splendor of our natural environment. The print characters, intended as the perfume’s “attire,” were chosen to reflect a refined and authentic spirit. It is a subtle expression of our identity, celebrating our connection to Martinique.

Finally, the touch of luxury added by elements printed in hot foil embossing enriches our packaging, offering relief, texture, and prestige to every detail. This pursuit of quality in details confirms our commitment to craftsmanship and excellence, values that are also found in the carefully composed essence of the Madinina perfume extract, where each fragrance reflects the olfactory riches of the island.

Thus, the packaging of Madinina significantly testifies to our fundamental values, merging craftsmanship, local identity, and elegance in a unique visual and olfactory expression.

How did you come to know about Packly, and what features of the platform did you find truly innovative?

We discovered Packly through online research looking for quality packaging suppliers. What struck us as particularly impressive were the platform’s innovative features.

The ability to design our packaging in fully customizable formats was a significant advantage.

With the 3D preview, we can concretely visualize the outcome before even placing the order, significantly simplifying the design process. The tool for customizing formats offered us essential flexibility to meet our specific packaging needs.

The 3D preview was especially appreciated, as it allows us to realistically visualize our designs, ensuring that the final result meets our aesthetic expectations.

Finally, we found Packly’s after-sales service to be of particularly high quality. The platform was able to effectively address our questions and concerns, reinforcing our confidence in the entire process. Overall, the combination of format customization, 3D previews, and quality customer service made our experience with Packly a valuable option for designing and ordering our packaging.

The perfume packaging you created on Packly is an elegant matchbox with warm colors and embellished with embossed gilding. What have been your customers’ opinions about the packaging?

The reception to our packaging has been extremely positive among our staff, who have expressed real enthusiasm for its elegance.

Parfums des Iles cosmetic products packaged in Packly's matchbox.

The matchbox with warm colors, embellished with embossed gilding, really caught their attention and seduced them with its sophistication. And this warm reception filled us with confidence.

After the great success of our launch evening on Friday, March 8, our enthusiasm continues to grow. We had the privilege of unveiling this exceptional collection and seeing firsthand the overwhelmingly positive reactions of our customers. Every detail of this packaging was carefully thought out to reflect the excellence of our work and the uniqueness of our range.

We hope that this packaging work will contribute significantly to the success of this new fragrance collection, and we are proud to have created packaging that embodies the beauty and elegance of our fragrances.

What do you believe are the main trends in your industry regarding packaging?

In the perfume/cosmetic sector, several trends are emerging in packaging that emphasize innovation and customer experience.

  1. Innovation: Brands seek to capture consumers by proposing creative and original packaging. Unique designs, innovative shapes, and surprising elements aim to generate excitement and differentiate products on the market.
  2. Sensory experience: Packaging that offers a tactile and playful experience is gaining popularity. Interesting textures, interactive opening mechanisms, or sensory elements add a playful dimension to the product usage experience.
  3. Eco-sustainability: Sustainability remains a major concern, with a growing trend towards recyclable packaging and materials made from recycled content. Companies are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their packaging, responding to the expectations of environmentally conscious consumers.
  4. Luxurious finishes: Luxurious finishes remain a dominant trend, with the use of high-quality materials, gilding, and other refined elements. This approach aims to strengthen the quality and sophistication image associated with perfume and cosmetic products.

In addition to these dominant trends, some areas of the industry are also adopting an approach related to extremely minimalist and modern packaging, inspired by the “less is more” concept. This aesthetic highlights simplicity by eliminating all superfluous elements.

zWhile we admire this minimalist trend for its elegance and modernity, our range of perfume/cosmetic products fits into a more expressive and sophisticated aesthetic, favoring captivating and refined tropical visual elements.

Thus, amid these dynamic industry trends, we remain firmly attached to our distinctive visual identity, reflecting our commitment to innovation, customer experience, and the tropical, colorful look of our products.

Parfums des Iles cosmetic products packaged in Packly's matchbox.

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share with our readers?

Certainly! The coming years promise to be full of exciting evolutions and innovative projects within our company. We are thrilled at the idea of sharing these developments with our customers and partners.

Among our future projects, we have planned the launch of exclusive, unprecedented collections, stimulating collaborations, as well as the introduction of innovative products that will testify to our commitment to excellence in the field of perfumery and cosmetics.

To stay informed in real-time and fully experience this adventure alongside us, we invite you to follow our activities on our social media platforms. It is on these platforms that we will reveal in advance the details of our progress, the “behind the scenes” of our creative process, and many other surprises.