SfruttaZero (zero exploitation in English) is a cooperative project of self-production of tomato sauce. SfruttaZero’s production chain is entirely based on mutual aid, respect for the earth, for the environment and, above all, for human work. The initiative was born in Apulia as a fight against the exploitation of illegal workers for casual labor.

Working conditions and quality are important prerogatives of the brand, whose strength lies in the recognition and defense of the social and individual rights and in mutualism. The final results of the process are bottles of high-quality tomato sauce produced without exploitation of labor.

SfruttaZero tomato sauce is a symbol of awareness, solidarity, and hope. These core values clearly influence all the brand’s design choices. Indeed, SfruttaZero prefers the use of recycled jars and bottles to package the sauce. Their labels are a sort of “narrating” tags showing the faces of the workers, who produce SfruttaZero tomato sauce.

We are talking of men and women, both Italians and strangers, migrants and precarious, who deal with the production in full respect of their rights. People proud to put their faces on the packagings. The labels not only show the faces of the workers but also their names, their nationality and a common qualification: free farmer. “We care about the proud expression of the people portrayed. Indeed, there is a substantial identity between product, manufacturer, and retailer”, says Rosa Vaglio, president of one of the three associations that initiated the project.

sfruttazero packaging design sauce jars

On every label, you may find the costs as a percentage of each production phase, in order to show how much they affect the final price of the tomato sauce. Among the various percentages, there is an essential value: 0% of exploitation.

SfruttaZero labels are a brilliant example of storytelling. Indeed, their packaging design effectively tells the story and the values of the brand. It is a 100% identity packaging which fully respects the principles underlying the project.

tomato sauce sfruttazero packages

packaging design stroytelling sfruttazero sauce