Our daily testimonial is Denis Brighi, an engineer from Cesena, who founded, together with his friend and colleague Luca Domeniconi, Project Ares, an e-commerce that sales carbon fiber insoles. The two friends are both sports and technology enthusiasts that is the reason why they decided to realise a product aimed at improving the sports performance of the athletes. They also chose Packly to create Project Ares custom packagings.


But let’s leave the floor to Denis.

Hi Denis, tell us more about yourself: what do you do and what does your company do?

Project Ares deals with the research, production and sales of a truly innovative product. It produces carbon fiber insoles designed to help athletes improve their performance. As in all startups, founders should be multitasking. I specifically deal with product advertising and I am the buyer & supply chain manager.

Why did you decide to use Packly to create Project Ares custom packagings?

I chose Packly starting from our first prototypes because it always allows us to give our customers a professional packaging without facing the die-cutting plant’s costs. That is possible thanks to the extreme customization offered even for really short runs.

What is the importance of the packaging in your company marketing strategy?

To produce our insoles we use the most innovative materials and the final products is a result of a truly exceptional manufacture. For this reason, it requires a packaging that is up to it. Maximize user experience starting from the unboxing phase is really essential in order not to diminish the perceived value of the product.

carbon fiber insoles-project-ares-packagings-packly

Did you experience a real benefit in using Packly?

No minimum order quantity nor fixed prices, extreme customization for both graphics and sizes and an exceptional customer service. Here is Packly’s competitive advantage explained in 3 basic points.

ares-carbon fiber insoles custom packaging