In this post, we suggest a creative idea for the packaging design of a chocolate bar with a rough paper effect. The main theme selected for the graphic design of the packaging is a look & feel that highlights the natural and organic ingredients used in the production of this chocolate.

Although at first glance you might think that this packaging was printed on rough paper, it was currently printed on white cardboard to obtain a better color rendering (in this case, white, blue and purple). How is it possible to achieve this effect? In a very simple way: the rough paper with plot lines was scanned using a standard scanner and the resulting image was used as a background in the packaging design.

Using this technique, you can obtain a higher brilliance of the colors that, when printing on rough paper, would be darker and, therefore, not as bright. In general, this technique can be used to simulate other textures or effects by printing on white cardboard.

Technical details of the packaging:

Packaging type: Linear box with equal flaps
Dimensions (mm): A: 84 B: 9 H: 172
Printing method: Digital print, four-color process

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