“Sabadì is perhaps the day that does not exist.
It’s the day when we slow down, we reflect on what is really important.
It’s the day when we think about what the quality of life really is and what we are doing to achieve it.
It’s the day when we try to take the time to enjoy the little things.
It’s the day when we find the forgotten taste of apricots that we picked in the country as children.
It’s the day when we discover how different one apple can be from another.”

This is the way Sabadì, the first chocolate aging cellar in the world, introduces itself. It all began as an idea of Stefano Sabaini, who decided to open its own chocolate lab in Modica. The company stands out for its innovativeness and for the quality of its cold-processed organic chocolate.

The Sabadì production is based on a single basic ingredient, the Ecuadorian cocoa Nacional fino de aroma Arriba Superior Summer Selected. This high-quality raw material is coldly processed to preserve its flavor richness. The cocoa is then offered in different combinations: tobacco, tea, flowers, herbs, spices, resins, barriques, etc.

High respect for small indigenous communities, environment, and biodiversity characterizes Sabadì. Indeed, the company uses only organically certified ingredients that come from fair trade producers and Slow Food presidia.

Excellent packaging design

Raw material quality and refinement go arm in arm with a high attention to the presentation of the products and, therefore, to their packaging. Sabadì chocolate bar packages are carefully designed to have a great visual impact on customers. Every pack is always tailored to its content. We are talking about iconic and identifying packagings, which effectively communicate the core values both of the product and the brand. Let’s analyze some.


modica organic chocolate bar sabadi


The Organic Modica Chocolate bars are available in 9 different flavors. Each one is represented by a funny illustration, which is a humanization of the main identifying ingredient of the bar. The vintage look of the packagings calls to mind the quality of ancient products, of genuine raw materials and traditional production techniques used by Sabadì.




I Torroni is a line of chocolate nougats composed of 4 tastes. “Each bar is a chapter, made of four, and when placed side by side the entire story is a wonderful panorama,” says Happycentro, the design agency that curated the project. “Sicily is a marvelous place, a melting pot where several idioms, art forms, and flavors could mix and influence each other. There we started, from the idea of composing visually and metaphorically that environment, made up of various rich narrative elements. Sabadì always starts by picking the best raw materials, tiles of a tremendous mosaic of flavors that we translate into a mosaic of stories to tell.”


chocolate design illustration sabadi


For The Quality of Life, a chocolate selection inspired by the cocoa’s 5 great properties, Sabadì started looking for 5 elements that bring quality to life. The company partnered together with a prestigious Italian University to create a chocolate set that includes 5 bars devoted to 5 virtues: youth, leisure, health, sex, and optimism. The natural illustrations have been printed using the linocut technique in order to reflect the authenticity and genuineness of the raw materials used to make the chocolate bars.

A brand story

The above-mentioned examples highlight the importance of the packaging design to Sabadì. Its high-quality food packagings are an essential communication tool that conveys all the corporate core values and all the information about the product. For this reason, they have a crucial role in the brand promotion. Sabadì’s packages tell the story of a made in Italy product, which is ancient and modern at the same time.


Sabadì’s packagings are so beautiful that they have appeared on several design books. What are you waiting for? Enjoy our image gallery!