Would you like to realise seasonal packagings or custom festivity boxes but you’re not sure it is a good idea?

Before resolving any doubt, we have to shortly talk about the two typologies. Choosing to realise custom boxes for a specific event of the year may be, sure, a great idea (and really impressive too!), though you will have to pay attention not to overestimate the effective demand of product. An example? Halloween is coming and you may realise ad hoc packaging for the event, but what happens if you will not sell all the boxes created just for that occasion? Options may be 2:

  1. In order to earn more, you should sell the product with a discount, out of time, because it will be off topic.
  2. You should reuse the same boxes the next year. A valid choice, even if it could be inappropriate concerning brand image and commercial impact.

Seasonal packagings, from that point of view, are more versatile instead: autumn, summer, etc. are likely to live longer on the shelves and, therefore, may stay on the market more time, avoiding the risk not to be sold.

Both typologies are very valid and, if properly used, can bring many advantages. What matters is that you define quantity with prudence :slightly_smiling_face:

That said, in this daily article, I will try to give you 5 good reasons whereby realising seasonal packagings (or designed for specific events) may be the right choice for your business.

5.  Keeping up with the competition

Let’s get started from the end, last but not least. It’s now well known that from 2012 seasonal packagings are being very successful. From that year, in fact, some of the most popular brands, – and not only them – have been continuously, sometimes artfully, using them: Coca Cola, Starbucks, Oreo and McDonald’s are just a few examples. You could be the few who have not moved in this direction yet.

If your competitors have been already keeping up with trends, you could be less favoured when, with equal product, your old box would be accompanied by a seasonal brand-new packaging. Don’t you think?


4. Launching new products

You have to launch a new product in a specific period of the year? Get the chance to create your new custom packaging, both for the product and the moment. Consumers will be fascinated by a double factor: being new and well-timed. Yours may the right product at the right time.


3. Renewing to get noticed

Renewing your own image, every now and then, is very useful to get noticed. Even big brands, with a several trusted customers, decide to change, sometimes, in order to keep the audience attention high. A new box, different colours, seasonal graphics or related to something special, are a great way to capture customer’s eyes, than its heart before. Curiosity is a great driving force that leads obcervers attention to what we desire. The product will (or should) do the rest.


2. Creating an emotional connection

Increasing curiosity and attraction to involve and seduce your own audience. Seasonal packagings may help arouse specific feelings to who will run across them. And we know, striking at the heart of consumers is a great way to create a connection with your product and not to let it forgotten.


1. Increasing sales

The above-mentioned points play for one goal, that doesn’t require particular clarifications: increasing sales.


Still any doubts? If I was you, I would start to create my online boxes with Packly soon. Custom dimensions and graphic design, with no minimum order quantity (avoiding to overproduce!) at good prices. What else?


As Halloween is coming, here for you a collection of the most beautiful and terribly nice packagings found on the web 🙂