Our daily inspirational is a collection of 10 soap packaging  with an innovative design created to characterize and enhance the corporate identity of each brand.

The traditional soap bar, a thousand-year old product, is commonly sold wrapped in paper sheets often laminated. It is due to the fact that it is a mass consumption commodity, essential and indispensable, that people need to buy – and buy again – regardless of the packaging for soap bars in which it is exhibited.

Indeed, there are brands that only rely on the quality and history of their product, leaving the aesthetic and communicative aspect aside. Nevertheless, the huge growth of the market has meant that lesser known brands started a battle with a barrage of packaging to make their way among the best known brands in order to win before the eyes and then the houses of consumers.

Boxes with an essential design stand next to packaging with floral motifs that recall the fragrances of each soap. The graphic design of each packaging characterize the product emphasizing its features or the ways of using: bath or travel soap, scented or soothing. A quick look at the vast panorama of the soaps in 10 successful examples.

Among the inspirations you can also find the soap packaging made with Packly.


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