Beauty packaging has become a popular trend, that grows with a focus on caring for the body and mind.

Sonia Rovesti, CEO of Rovesti Skin Care – Customized Beauty, goes beyond simple product customization. Adapting her chemical and cosmetological knowledge, she creates unique and natural solutions for the skin.

Her passion for her family’s ancient tradition, combined with her professional experience, has allowed her to develop a range of personalized products that meet the specific needs of each customer.

Her attention to the selection of high-quality natural ingredients, combined with her knowledge of chemistry and cosmetology, ensures that each product is effective and gentle on the skin, even from the earliest years of life.

In this interview for Packly, Sonia Rovesti shares with us her story, her unique approach to creating customized beauty products, and how our beauty packaging, after all, shares her same values.

After doing some research, I noticed that Rovesti Cosmetics belongs to a long tradition of natural cosmetics, pioneered by Guido Rovesti, and is a true family heritage that lives on today thanks to you, Sonia Rovesti. As it has evolved over time, new natural ingredients are now being used to create beauty products?

Let me share a little secret with you! The news is linked to an extract of white truffle that stimulates our DNA to work againto work again by rejuvenating the cells, that maybe are old not because of age but perhaps due to problems related to a wrong lifestyle or stress. Also, this new ingredient has this characteristic of “polishing the antennas,” of making all those skin cells resume working and thus improving the quality of the tissue and its elasticity, firmness, and deep hydration. In addition, another very beautiful ingredient, discovered in South Africa by my great-grandfather in the late 1800s, is the Tarchonanthus camphoratus. It can be considered a natural antihistamine. Moreover, is widely used for cosmetic preparations that need to have a regenerative effect, such as burns when you happen to get burned.

Custom packaging for custom beauty

What are the fundamental principles of your beauty philosophy and how do these principles reflect in the products you produce?

The philosophy we pursue is, precisely, customised beauty. The human body, inside and out, is all connected. Something that many people don’t even imagine. Our products repair damage, but we see it as a team effort. We do our part, even testing the product ourselves. Consequentely, the customer who chooses us, must maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because we do what we can, but we still can’t work miracles! Usually, each person is given a customised routine. Through a real profiling process that the customer does when he or she ‘lands’ on our site. In fact, there is the possibility to fill in a short survey, so we can create a custom beauty routine. Our pride is to see that people actually follow the directions and the results are amazing!

Gift box for small cosmetics

I noticed a impressive presence on social networks, a community that has almost 30 thousand followers on Instagram. Does the science popularization you carry out make you not only a cosmetologist but also a scientific influencer?

Our social activity started during the lockdown, a bit like an experiment. After all, we were all locked up at home, so why not try? So, every Tuesday, I was live with the “Scientific Tuesday,” and the format immediately had a lot of followers. I made the information accessible to everyone, I put myself, my products, and tested them for “my ladies” – that’s how I call my followers because, despite the screen that divided us, the strong and solid relationship that developed meant that they are not just customers, but we are part of a community that is like a second family! Every person is important, and every person deserves their time and deserves to have time dedicated to them. Rather than an influencer, I would say that I am a place – physical and virtual – where people can feel like home.

The slogan on your website is “Customized Beauty,” and it is achieved through this innovative form of personalized, aware, and specific advice for products that adapt to every skin need. It is a real “journey of cuddlesthat can also starts from the first days of life. What are the initiatives to involve your ladies and ensure that personal care is really customized? Are there future plans for the brand?

Pillow box for beauty accessories

We are a community-family and as such, we take care of the people who make it up. Here is an initiative: on my birthday, to celebrate together, I offer a discount on the products! Besides, we are also thinking of organizing virtual visits to the Rovesti Family Museum, which proudly preserves the tradition, history, and artifacts starting with my great-grandfather, Guido Rovesti, pioneer of this ancient science of well-being.

How did you discover Packly for your beauty packaging?

We met Packly through a friend of mine. Initially, we needed to test small quantities of boxes, and you were the best solution, both in terms of quantity and quality, and shipping speed. Now, we buy from you regularly, and I have never encountered any problems!

What type of beauty packaging did you order on Packly and how did the brand find the packaging design and production process?

We are loyal to the tuck end box! We have different heights, which vary based on the product size, but the main model is that. Then we chose the tray double wall, and even the pillow box with opening buttonhole. The design is simple and clear, and precisely because we need various sizes, inserting personalized measurements makes Packly a truly complete platform!

Cosmetic packaging line

The similarity I have personally noticed between us and your product’s philosophy is the concept of customization. Just as our beauty packaging adapts to every customer’s need, your work adapts and shapes to the customers’ needs. Do the values that belong to Rovesti also belong to Packly?

Absolutely yes! This is one of the reasons we chose you for our beauty packaging. Also, I deal with natural cosmetics, and you are a 100% green company. How could I not choose you?


Sonia Rovesti has grasped the importance of the custom concept to enhance her beauty products and ladies. Just like custom beauty, custom packaging is a way of expressing the personality and uniqueness of each product. Thanks to Packly’s wide selection, Sonia Rovesti has perfected her already refined product line. Beauty is in the little things, and a custom packaging is nothing but the way to best express it.