Toothpaste is essential for our everyday oral hygiene but even more for the care of one of the most important accessories we got, the smile. For this reason, there are now many different toothpaste tastes available on the market, but if you carefully look at the shelves, most of the times they all look alike. Indeed, modern toothpaste packaging designs often include white backgrounds, dazzling pictures of toothbrushes and dentifrices, and cold colors decorations. Nothing more, nothing less.

In the past, this visual problem didn’t exist. Indeed, most of the vintage toothpaste packagings had a strong visual identity which made each product unique. To get an idea, just think at the timeless charm of Marvis and Euthymol toothpaste boxes, which have remained unchanged over time.

To make some concrete example, we selected a bunch of rétro toothpaste packages which are characterized by elegance and, most of all, immutability. These vintage boxes have been customized using refined fonts, meticulous decorations, floral doodles, and delicate and harmonious color palettes. The accurate design of these toothpaste packagings highlights the high-quality of their internal product. Indeed, the toothpaste we chose are some of the most effective and refreshing available on the market and, therefore, they certainly are the right solution to get a dazzling and fresh smile.

Again, thanks to their beauty, the following toothpaste packagings are now considered real design objects. But now, let’s have a look at them.

The first in the list is the package of the Irish toothpaste Euthymol. This bright pink dentifrice is packed into a box inspired by the Art Nouveau style. The current packaging is still the original one launched in 1880. There must be a reason, don’t you think?

euthymol toothpaste boxes design stile liberty

Marvis toothpaste packaging has a long history too. The silver box, with its typical colored plates, was marketed in the 50s and it is still the same, despite the brand was acquired by the Florence-based Ludovico Martelli beauty company in the 90s.

toothpaste packaging design vintage

In Portugal, if you mention Pasta Couto, you are surely talking about toothpaste, just like when talking about a Bic, you know? However, the name refers to a specific toothpaste created in 1923 by Dr. Alberto Ferreira Couto. As the previous dentifrices, Couto preserved its original packaging with clean and minimal design over the years.

pasta couto toothpaste packaging design

Another timeless box is surely the one of Pasta del Capitano 1905 Ricetta Originale. Its unique carnation taste and its flawless old style design have largely contributed to its lasting success.

pasta-del-capitano 1905 toothpaste box

An honorable mention goes to the Six Proof toothpaste invented by Don Poynter in the 50s. The peculiarity of this toothpaste, available in two variants, is its composition made for 3% alcohol, Scotch or Bourbon. Obviously, an innovative product requires a respectable packaging.

six-proof-scotch toothpaste packaging