A total white box on the outside with a WOW effect on the inside (no, it’s not a Kinder treat). We are talking about the WOW effect box designed by Packly. Let this unexpected packaging entice you.

Packaging is the business card of any product. An aesthetically beautiful box invites curiosity, attracts sight, and engages the senses. But what if this box was entirely white? The Beatles did it in the 60s by creating the WOW effect on a White Album. What are we talking about? Let us unveil the solution thought by Packly: a total white box made to be unwrapped! Spoiler: you won’t find any Beatles songs inside, but we can guarantee the WOW effect.

Take our word for it!

The ‘WOW EFFECT’ strategy

Philip Kotler, one of the leading American academic marketing experts, argued that the WOW effect consists of the 3 E:

  • enjoyment 
  • experience 
  • engagement 

But what is this effect that leaves everyone speechless? The ‘WOW effect’ occurs when people’s expectations of something are exceeded, and a positive sense of wonder surrounds feelings. We tap into neuromarketing, or “the application of neuroscience to traditional marketing to investigate consumer behavior in response to a stimulus.”

Designing packaging with the WOW effect is the marketing strategy to capture attention, curiosity, and the “fear of the unknown” but from a positive perspective; in fact, finding a complete white box in front of your eyes stimulates that part of the psyche that pushes us to learn more. Therefore, when the WOW effect is “on,” our memory automatically records the event as positive.

Focusing on emotions, our creative team has created a totally white box with an unexpected interior; what strikes the observer is the dualism of the box, white outside, exalted on the inside.

One packaging, one mission: “The wonder calling.” 

Detail on the gold foil of the total white box
Detail on the gold foil of the total white box

The total white unboxing

Unboxing (to unbox) is one of the actions we have done. Do you remember that ugly sweater brought to you for Christmas? You may not like it, but I’m sure the shirt came in wrapping paper. Unwrap it.

The “unboxing experience” is what we do when we open the packaging. Nowadays, it’s what the influencers do on their social networks: show what’s in the collaboration boxes. We can say that unboxing is the modern word of mouth

Unboxing is the unwrap moment when you open the box and show what’s inside with a verbal comment. Do you know that this is in the “wonder area”? Yes, the WOW effect! It’s about the pleasure of waiting to see the surprise inside the total white box. 

Sounds familiar?

The total white box on the outside
The total white box on the outside
WOW effect on the inside of the total white box
WOW effect on the inside of the total white box

Strengths of our total white box

  • VERSATILITY: our standard briefcase box is ideal for holding products or gift boxes, as well as being super easy to assemble
  • FUNCTIONALITY AND AESTHETICS: protect any product with shipment-proof packaging. Also, the aesthetic presentation is its strong point. Do you know? The white box is also resealable
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: With Packly, you can make your custom box in a few simple steps. You can see the process thanks to the 3-D model
  • 100% GREEN: only eco-sustainable products. 100% recyclable materials with a low environmental impact 
360° preview of the box
360° preview of the box

Technical information on the packaging

  • MATERIAL: E-flute +Top White
  • DIMENSIONS: 220x180x65mm
  • SPECIAL FINISHINGS: Raised Gold Foil
Dieline and the details of the total white box
Dieline and the details of the total white box


The WOW effect blows your soul away. Like a child, let yourself wonder by unboxing our total white box. You can customize the package following only one rule: your creativity. Surprise whoever you want with our WOW box models! Where? Discover the creative interface, and let the wonder begin!