A good product design, as everyone knows, goes unnoticed…but for packaging design, that’s another story! We will show you it today through a really interesting collection of 11 kitchen utensils and cutlery boxes.

Essential accessories you can find in any kitchen but that usually pass us by: what matters is that they work, that’s exactly their beauty. However, in order to be chosen to the detriment of competitors, they need appealing packaging design that can represent them. We need just few steps to give life to kitchen utensils and cutlery boxes able to completely conquer even the most demanding buyers that are always looking for products and – why not? – packaging able to give a more special touch to their home, making it unique and cozy.

They can be sold as single utensils and accessories or as flatware set, anyway it is always necessary to choose the right package based on their selling ways. Cutlery set packaging are usually made up of rectangular trays provided with properly shaped holders that will keep the products well placed and show them in a tidy and elegant way. Single pieces are included in vertical boxes or hanged through properly shaped sleeves to let the product visible: space-savings boxes are always well appreciated inside the shops.

Clean lines describe classic and sophisticated flatware set packaging. Bursts of colours will characterise kitchen accessories that look funny and dynamic instead and that are realised through innovative and more versatile materials, like those ones realised with silicone by “Zing!”. Simple but eye-catching, utensils and cutlery boxes with a strong visual identity can set apart by the most common flatware packaging, even in small spaces.

Whether it’s about a totally new style and traditional shapes, or about a packaging that will look rough or elegant, the functionality of the product and the attention to details will be the deciding factors that conquer buyers.

And you, what are you searching for? A single cutlery box or a flatware set packaging? Take a look at our daily inspiration: your clients will enhance the kitchen thanks to a useful and amazing cutlery packaging!