Red roses, hearts, chocolates, candle light dinners. Valentine’s day is full of symbols and traditions that have now become real clichés. Do you need something different? Don’t settle for the standards, customize your Valentine’s day starting from the packaging! Packly’s proposal? Earrings boxes with a love message included!

A romantic box

The proposed packagings have been realised starting from the full height lid and bottom box available on Packly. They have been thought both for jewelry shops and private customers. In fact every message can be handwritten on the dedicated white space. You just need a simple marker and the game is done! No more greeting cards scattered around: your romantic box will include the love declaration.

Packly custom earrings boxes


Customize your packagings

Structural design

Decide how to place the earrings (or any other object) and measure their overall dimensions. Doing that allows you to set the internal sizes of your custom packaging. In our case the internal dimensions of the earrings boxes are: 50x50x20mm. Paperboard substrate? 300 g/mq.

Graphic design

Once the structural project is ready, it is time to graphic design. Download your box dieline and customize it with your graphics to give it a personal touch.

We chose…geometry! Patterns created from the repetition of different geometric elements (lines and circles) on a white background. The white background allows you to customize each packaging with a specific message. In this way every recipient will receive his custom love message. An easy way to communicate your feelings without talking.

The colour palette is composed of different shades of red, sticking to the Valentine’s day point. A harmonious and delicate colour contrast to give an extra touch of elegance to the earrings boxes.


Now it is your turn.

Customize your Valentine’s day with a special edition box: a sweet addition to the daily emotions.


Packaging technical information:

Packaging type: Full height lid and bottom box
Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 20
Printing method: four-colour process


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