Some of you are certainly dealing with customers who want to realize an original and attractive Valentine’s Day packaging. Maybe, maybe not, you didn’t get swept up in Valentine’s Day fever but you may need to create custom gift box for small and big occasions. Don’t you think?

Today we propose you an original idea as inspiration to create your custom packaging. The boxes – inspired by an existing product – printed by Packly and designed for any artisan pastries. The idea behind the concept is to create custom packages to give as gift in any occasion. The customization is done by adding heart shaped cardboard on which you can print a short message to dedicate to the recipient of the Valentine’s Day packaging. These dedications are tied around the box at the right end: the monochrome graphics on the side is designed specifically to integrate itself with the different colors of the cards.

A small creative solution to make your packaging and the recipients unique and special.

Technical details of the packaging:

Packaging type: Snap lock base box
Dimensions (mm): A: 60 B: 39 H: 230
Printing method: Digital print, four-color process


Valentine's Day boxes

Valentine's Day biscuits box

Valentine's Day cookies packages

Valentine's Day chocolate biscuits packages

cookies box

chocolate cookies packaging

biscuits packaging

Valentine's Day packaging die-cut