Make your wedding unforgettable with the right wedding boxes realised just for you. In such a special occasion don’t leave anything to chance, still less your custom packaging!

Whether it is about party favours, comfit packaging or wedding boxes including small gifts for your guests, let Packly help you. That way, you will be free to realise how many packages you desire, with your dimensions and personalised artwork, avoiding standard packagings available on the market. A great idea, right?


Custom wedding boxes

Our creative daily proposal is just an example of the result you can achieve: with some imagination, your boxes may definitively leave a mark.

For the occasion, we decided to realise a wedding packaging starting from the handle box with crash lock bottom: easy to assemble and carry. The auto bottom, in fact, helps you to easily close the box that, in one single move, will be automatically assembled, with no additional efforts.

The wedding box has been customized with the names of bride and groom, Alice and Marco, using a calligraphic font and adding some related graphic elements: two little birds in love, some small hearts and a stripe texture. Pastel colours, on white background, gives the right fine and pure touch to the whole composition, making it particularly suitable for the event.

This one is just an example of possible graphic solutions. You may, in fact, add the wedding date, some pictures or loved symbol in order to obtain really unique and inimitable wedding packaging, realised just for you.


Are you sure enough now? Then, don’t wait! Realise your wedding boxes with Packly and you will have the right product for your wedding. Choose the packaging you like more, download the diecut template and create your custom graphic design on it: we will think about the rest!


Packaging technical information:

Packaging type: Handle box
Dimensions: 75x37x65
Printing method: Four-colours process


Packly favour boxes wedding

custom wedding box Packly

custom wedding boxes

custom wedding packaging