Italian panettone, you know, is one of the unmissable course of a real Christmas meal, or rather of all the Advent ones. It is a versatile food available in many types and, for this reason, it is able to tempt (almost) everyone. Before taking its seat at the table, the famous dessert must face its own kind in a panettone packagings shelf challenge. The final goal is definitely the sale. Indeed, it is during the sales phase that the box, together with the goodness of the product, can make the difference.


Clearly, as consumers have different tastes, we might find panettone packagings of many different styles. Someone would prefer timeless panettone boxes in the shape of a truncated cone, someone else might choose alternative structural solutions, such as handle boxes or the one with a lid. Some people prefer traditional graphic designs, which include the typical picture of the product, maybe sliced, while others like more refined and artistic visual solutions influenced by some kind of stylistic current.


Whatever the graphics and structural choices, it is always important to keep an eye on the final appearance of panettone boxes. Their look might be fundamental for sales, especially when consumers are looking for a panettone to give away for Xmas. In these circumstances, the packaging largely influences consumers’ buying decisions. For this reason, while designing a Christmas gift box, it is important to keep in mind the final goal of the product to avoid that it remains unsold.

When we refer to gift boxes we don’t necessarily talk about glittery packagings full of golden shades, we also refer to packaging solutions with a different style, more or less simple, which are able to transmit the values and the uniqueness of the product becoming its added value.


In our daily article, we collected 21 panettone packagings that completely won our hearts. Each box has been chosen for its own special charm. Actually, we had a break from the classic boxes personalized with panettone and sparkling wine pictures in order to make room for more refined solutions, but no offense intended.


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