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What happens in case of printing errors or manufacturing flaws?

Packly products will be printed after the technical validation of the customer graphic file. Valid files will be automatically printed and could no longer be edited.

In case of printing errors or manufacturing flaws not attributable to the user, Packly reserves the right to make a single reprint of the product.

Packly is no way responsible for any printing problems related to graphic errors that are beyond the prerequisites required for file printability. Packly does not check contents, spelling and graphics layout of the uploaded files.

The file check exclusively includes:

  • – dieline match
  • – dimensions check
  • – material check
  • – bleed
  • – image and raster effects resolution
  • – ink limit (320%)
  • – colour method
    Remember: RGB and spot colours will be automatically converted in CMYK except for Packly’s spot colours. That colours must never be used into the printing file because they represent the manufacturing information of the product. Graphic elements realised using Packly’s spot colours might not be printed or might be processed as indicated by the manufacturing colours.

For optimal printing results graphic files must be realised by following Packly’s guidelines.