Let’s take a look at 10 packaging design ideas that use typography as an essential means for communication.

The graphical presentation is crucial in packaging and makes it an excellent marketing tool. For instance, just think about emotional packaging. However, when we think about the graphical aspects of packaging, we imagine boxes covered in photographs, illustrations, and colors that anticipate their contents or, at worst, fill empty spaces.

Typography and lettering are often fundamental elements that we should never underestimate in the design phase. In fact, if used correctly and creatively, it can become a key element to increase the communicative effectiveness of the packaging, strengthen the corporate identity and showcase the brand and its values. To use fonts effectively, one, therefore, needs to gain a deep understanding of their history and the sensations they can convey to the end-user. Packaging should reference its content and do its best to convey the right message to the consumer, it shouldn’t, however, be crammed with unnecessary clutter that could mislead and distract. The typeface, if chosen appropriately, can, therefore, become the protagonist of a package and make it extremely successful.

Many brands have used lettering on their packaging to modernize the corporate image, while others preferred to mix it with shapes and colors to obtain creative designs. Get inspired by the examples below.

Typography in packaging
100% Chocolate Cafe Chocolate
Typography in 100% Chocolate Cafe Designs

100% Chocolate Cafe’s chocolate boxes.

Packaging for The Manual Co. products
Gloves Packaging for The Manual Co.
Packaging for leather bags by The Manual Co.

Leather accessory boxes by The Manual Co.

Estamos en Ello T-Shirt packaging
Typography in Estamos en Ello's t-shirt packaging

T-shirt packaging by Estamos en Ello.

Cielito's Chocolate Packaging
Hot chocolate packaging by Cielito
Assorted food packaging by Cielito

Cielito food packaging.

Neue Helvetica Heavy Packaging by Jesse Kirsch

Household product packaging by Jesse Kirsch.

Packaging for Supersense products
Packaging for the Supersense photographic accessories
Supersense photographic accessories

Boxes for Supersense photographic accessories.

Graphos playing cards packaging
Graphos playing cards packaging design
Typography Graphos playing cards

Boxes for Graphos playing cards.

Coaster packaging for typography lovers
Typography coasters

Love Letters typographic packaging. 

Typography on tea packaging for Selfridges
Selfridges food packaging
Typography on Selfridges chocolate truffle selection packaging

A set of Selfridges food boxes.

Cardburys dark chocolate packaging
Front and back of Cardburys dark chocolate packaging
Packaging for Cardburys original dark chocolate

Cadburys chocolate packaging.