This week’s inspirational post is about candle packaging designs. We compiled a list of 10 examples that underline the importance of packaging for the sales of a product.

Candles, like light bulbs, are historically associated with the concept of lighting. Before the advent of electricity in 1879, they were in fact among the main light sources alongside oil lamps. After experiencing a progressive decline, candles are popular again and are now indispensable elements of home decoration.

Today, as a matter of fact, we have candles of any kind. Scented candles, candles infused with healing oils, soy wax candles. They are indeed a wonderful addition to your home. Not only most of them smell amazing but they also create a comfortable and welcoming ambiance for yourself and your guests.

Scroll down to see our 10 picks of particularly brilliant and fascinating candle packaging designs that fully carry out their purpose: to conquer the consumer at first glance.

Each candle box design reflects the distinctive qualities of the product, strengthens its identity, makes it easy to recognize and sends a clear message. Lettering, color, illustrations, and textures: each element is there to meet the expectations of the target audience.

Tatine Foundry candles
Tatine Foundry candle packaging
Sideshow Press candles
Sideshow Press candle packaging
Sideshow Press candle stack
A box of Walden's candles
Candle Packaging by Walden
Assorted boxes of Walden's candles

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