Corporate Christmas gifts, a symbolic tradition marking the beginning of the holiday season.For employees, regular or potential customers, the gift is not only an established tradition, but also an extraordinary opportunity for emotional connection and loyalty building. In this context, the decision to adopt customised packaging proves to be a strategy that should be planned right from the start.

Corporate Christmas gifts: investing in emotions

Corporate gifts during the Christmas season constitute a beautiful tradition. The moment of greetings and gift distribution within the work environment not only holds symbolic value for sharing among team members but also serves as a way to express gratitude and recognition for the work done throughout the year.

77% of employees say that receiving a gift helps them to feel appreciated. In this way, people perceive themselves as essential, which translates positively into their work performance (source: Sendoso).

According to the results of this survey, 70% of employees showed an increase in productivity levels after receiving a seasonal gift.

It can be argued that giving something to your team or customers (even) during the holidays is a nice way to make everyone feel closer. By promoting a culture in which individuals feel appreciated, the entire company gains.

Thought matters, but unique corporate gifts matter more

A company can truly enhance its image through gifts and gadgets. That’s why investing in business gifts is a smart move. It’s not just a matter of “thought counts,” as the saying goes. Gifts are true communication tools. They are an integral part of marketing, helping to strengthen bonds with existing customers and being an effective way to introduce oneself to new people, perhaps future clients.

Sending gifts can convince those who are not yet customers to become one. According to Instapage, 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized gifts. Choosing the right gift at the right time, like Christmas, can prompt potential customers to take the desired action, whether it’s completing a purchase, signing up for a service, or making an introductory call.

The corporate gift boxes

A gift, no matter how valuable or seasonal, loses its touch without proper packaging.

Particularly in the business world, it can be seen that the impact of a neat or personalised packaging is equal to that of the object itself. Receiving a gift in an anonymous and unattentive package may suggest that there is a lack of attention on the part of the company, conveying a negative message about the value of the relationship.

A practical example: think of classic birthday presents. How much importance do we give to the packaging? And how important is the presentation?

The answer is obvious, and the same principle applies to corporate Christmas gifts: taking care of the packaging will certainly make a positive impression on employees and customers (loyal and potential).

Christmas packaging: a “gift” from Packly

Packly has come up with practical solutions for corporate Christmas packaging. Why? Often, choosing the right type of packaging, customising it as best as possible and doing it in a short time can be a challenge.

Corporate branding is identity in the business world, and gift packaging should reflect this. What you give should make a lasting impression, right? Nothing worse than a gift with an anonymous, disappointing or too complicated to open.

A noteworthy corporate gift, especially if it is seasonal and especially if it is related to the magical Christmas season, must have packaging that impresses and ensures that it does not end up forgotten in a corner.

There are a few essential rules to keep in mind to create the perfect corporate gift and make a good impression on employees and customers. First of all, the gift must be of quality, i.e. it must be useful and have a clear specific function.

A touch of surprise is also essential for a gift that leaves its mark. If it is unexpected, both in the packaging and the gift itself, a psychological effect comes into play: a memorable positive experience is created – known as the ‘wow effect’.

Finally, making the gift unique means adding that extra something that sets it apart from others. This could be a special phrase as well as a corporate gifts with a logo, a special font or an original design.

Why all these premises? Because we provide 6 downloadable and customizable packaging models!

It’s Christmas, and creativity is certainly not lacking!

Technical specifications of Packly Christmas gift packaging

corporate christmas gifts pull out box
auto bottom box packly
auto bottom gift box
xmas box with lid
box with gable for xmas gift
lid and bottom box


For unforgettable holidays, investing not only in the gifts themselves but also in the presentation is the key to creating a unique experience. The right packaging not only completes the gift but also emphasises its importance, making these moments of sharing special. Just click here to choose the right packaging model, designed to be customised with that touch that makes corporate Christmas gifts unique.