Today’s creative proposal is dedicated to the creation of custom boxes for macarons. This dessert has recently invaded pastry shops all over the world, with an explosion of colors and tastes among the most disparate. The first question is: macaron or macaroon? The doubt is immediately resolved. The sweet consisting of two discs of almond meringue that enclose a creamy ganache inside is called macaron, the Americans define it as french macaroon. This is because it should not be confused with macaroon, a biscuit made with grated coconut invented in Scotland and then exported to the United States. Having clarified this Hamlet doubt, we can apply to the realization of our custom boxes for macarons

The History

The macaron, despite being a typical dessert of French pastry, has very Italian origins. Its birth dates back to the mid-1500s. It was Caterina de’ Medici who brought this delicious sweet treat to the French on the occasion of her wedding banquet with the Duke of Orleans, Henry II of France. At that time the macaron was very similar to another biscuit of the Italian tradition, the amaretto, also made with almonds, typical cultivation of our country. Over time the macaron has changed, has turned into a rainbow of colors and tastes. Hence, each pastry chef gives it its particular version. From the more traditional cocoa or vanilla flavors to the more sparkling ones with champagne, to ensure that every season has its macaron. So? Let’s create a macarons box tailored to every taste!

The choice of the box model

The macaron is a tasty sweet but also lovely to see, so we thought of a box model that could enhance this particular aesthetic side. The choice fell on a lid and bottom box, with a 3/4 height closing lid. The box contains 6 assorted macarons, with different tastes and colors. We, therefore, decided to add a window on the lid that made it possible to see the product inside. The first step was to take 6 macarons and measure them to determine the size of our customized box. Once this was done, we entered the measures, we chose the material and downloaded the die-cut template. And now, let’s make room for creativity!

The Design

How came the inspiration for these fantastic customized boxes for macarons? We can say that it was the product itself that provided the inspiration, looking at the colorful macarons the thought went to a palette of colors. Hence the idea of ​​a series of brush strokes, different from each other in shape and hue, to expressly recall two characteristics of the product: the color and the irregularity linked to craftsmanship. To choose the shades, we used an indispensable tool for a graphic designer: the Pantone chart. The designer chose a series of shades very similar to the colors of the macarons.

The pastel shade, soft and delicate, always brings us back to the authenticity and craftsmanship of the product. Since the macaroon is beautiful to see, the designer gave to the window a slightly irregular shape, as a frame to hold the product name. The name is repeated on the short sides of the lid. It is underlined by a brushstroke, to sign the work of our pastry chef. The tray has a plain background, with a color that perfectly matched all the others with a single pay-off on the bottom, “Made with love by Concetta“. This is a message of authenticity and uniqueness that encompasses the value of a product as beautiful as it is tough to make.

Technical information about the packaging

Type of packaging: lid and bottom box, with a 3/4 height closing lid

Size: 150x38x38 mm

Printing: full color, CMYK

Material: SBS 300 gsm (thickness 0.345 mm)

Did we give you the inspiration to create a customized box for your macarons? There is no time to lose. Go to Packly, choose the model that fits for you, enter your custom sizes and download the die-cut template. Unleash your creativity. Start now!