Easter 2022. Packly presents some inspirational packaging for the classic chocolate egg, and beyond. Check it out.

As always, we want to play ahead and help you create stunning packages for Easter 2022. Our creatives and technicians know no rest and this year too they have produced a versatile, simple but captivating box model. Let’s see it in detail.

Easter 2022: the starting packaging

We started with the Box with automatic bottom and neck lock. Inside we find an insert with a personalized cutout, holding the Easter 2022 egg in place and raised. On the front of the box there is a customized carving to reveal the product in all the liveliness of its wrapping.

The graphics and the special finishes

As regards the graphic treatment of this Easter 2022 box, there are a series of important steps. The background color is a very warm intense brown which, needless to say, recalls the basic ingredient i.e. chocolate. That’s not all though. Thanks to the raised spot varnish, a particularly captivating material effect is created to the touch. It looks like there are actual chocolate pours to enhance grip and entice potential buyers.

Another trick is the decorative pattern. It is made of flowers in gold foil, a soft line framing the carving, polka dots and blue patent motifs matching the contents of the box. The graphics are simple, yet lively and elegant at the same time.

Obviously there’s dedicated spaces for the logo and for all the other customizations. An example is food labeling and a possible QR code (already present).

We have presented an Easter 2022 egg, but this box could also contain a bottle or another type of dessert with the appropriate modifications.

Technical information on packaging Easter 2022

Box Model: Box with bottle tube neck lock
Size: 118x118x223mm
Printing Option: CMYK
Additional: Custom cutouts (window)
Material: SBS 400 gsm

Box Model: Insert with custom cutouts
Size: 118x118x30mm
Material: SBS 400 gsm


In short: do you think this box was made precisely for your packaging needs? Great. Starting from our layout, you can modify and customize it as needed, share the 3D preview and even ask us to print it, regardless of the desired quantity. Start now!