Eyewear box. Packly presents trendy and functional inspirational packaging, with a special finish.

For the “inspirational” cycle, today we present an  eyewear box designed by Packly you should definitely keep an eye on!

The eyewear industry and the numbers

Firstly, the size of the global eyewear market is likely to reach $ 278.95 billion by 2028. Increasing consumer demand for personalized eyewear is indeed fueling industry growth. Buyers prefer unique products tailored to their needs, such as eye and face shape, lens color and thickness, frame design and material.

gif sunglasses lid and bottom box with embellishment
sunglasses lid and bottom box with embellishment

Evidently, the emerging demand for sustainability among eyewear companies and customers themselves is changing the rules of the game. Manufacturers have surely begun to use eco-friendly materials in design, helping the company with sustainable development and the retention of conscious consumers. Of course, packaging is no exception. Take a look at our glasses box and draw inspiration.

Eyewear box signed by Packly

So here is our premium eyewear box unveiled, because packaging is much more than a container. As a matter of fact Its two mantras are glamour and practicality. It is a bottom and lid box. The tray is double-walled white with customization space on the side. The lid is black with spot varnish forming a dotted pattern. You can see the silhouette of a pair of glasses with silver foil embellishment. The latter is also showing on the side room where the customized logo goes.

The eyewear box designed by Packly
The eyewear box designed by Packly

The strengths of this packaging

Resistance – The double-walled tray guarantees an excellent protective barrier for the glasses. The sizes are customizable to the millimeter. Therefore there will be no gaps needing unsightly or polluting fillings.

Practicality – The opening is intuitive and the lid space certainly allows for the creation of engaging graphics.

Flexibility – The regular shape and range of possible sizes make the glasses box ideal for holding any type of object, even as fragile as a smartphone.

Elegance – The essential and classic lines make this box a gem of timeless packaging design.

Eco-friendliness and reuse – Like all our packaging, the cardboard box is eco-friendly and you can repurpose it after use. It could become a jewelry box for example.

A closeup on the special finishing of the eyewear box
A closeup on the special finishing of the eyewear box

Technical information on packaging 

Packaging type: Bottom and lid glasses box – double wall and 3/4 lid

Dimensions: 160x70x35.5mm

Printing option: Full color – CMYK

Special Finishings: Raised spot varnish + Raised Silver foil

Material: Cartoncino SBS 300 gsm | 0,345mm

The 360° 3D preview of the eyewear box
The 360° 3D preview of the eyewear box
The dieline of the eyewear box inspirational by Packly
The dieline of the inspirational eyewear box


Do you need to design stylish but resistant eyewear or accessories packaging? We have your back. You can take a cue from our inspirational prototype or choose another model. Just apply the appropriate customizations and get a ready-to-print eyeglass box within minutes. Remarkable, isn’t it?