Packaging and omnichannel approach. Packly reveals why packaging must be memorable and consistent with all channels to strengthen brand awareness.

Packaging and omnichannel approach. Marketers have often heard of this term: omnichannel. Let’s see what it means to set up omnichannel communication campaigns and what advantages this entails for brands.

The baseline of an omnichannel campaign means having a common graphic, communicative, creative approach that is recognizable, simultaneous and consistent across all points of contact with the customer, from the physical store to the website, from the TV commercial to out-of-home billboards without, of course, forgetting the packaging.

Given the current timing, we chose a Valentine’s Day campaign by Gü as a case study. Gü is a company producing single-portion cheesecakes in different flavors and the marketing initiative they just launched promises to engage even the hardest hearts and the most refined taste buds. The starting point were some of the most iconic love songs of all time, with the clever pun that includes the name of the brand in the title combined with a new limited edition packaging.

“I’m in love with the shape of Gü” by Ed Sheeran on salted caramel pastry

“Got my mind set on Gü” a sweet 60s song revived in a chocolate and vanilla flavour

“And I will always love Gü” the late Whitney Houston would have been delighted by this classic New York cheesecake

“Everything I do, I do it for Gü” who could forget Kevin Costner in the role of the romantic Robin Hood role now topped with Spanish lemon sauce

“Cause all of me loves all of Gü” sweet notes seasoned with Peruvian lime to convey the right tasty contrast

“I can’t take my eyes off of Gü” Too good to be true? Say it with strawberries and blackberries

“I can’t help falling in love with Gü” a Zillionaire-style cheesecake

The new packages will be paired with themed billboards around the city of London, in association with a digital activation campaign at Waterloo station, as well as promotional initiatives in physical stores and through the involvement of influencers on social media. The results are bound to be stellar.

Digital billboard for Gü campaign
Digital billboard for Gü campaign

Below are some very well designed packages in regards to photography and with a new payoff in sight, a bit like the cartouches of Baci Perugina.

Limited edition packaging with song titles for Valentine's day
Limited edition packaging with song titles for Valentine’s day

Another very successful approach is this activation campaign on packaging, realized through a cardboard cutout attracting the consumer’s eye directly on the prize campaign. The magenta callout really stands out on these seal end boxes.

Special packaging with cutout to sustain marketing campaign
Special packaging with cutout to sustain marketing campaign

Also noteworthy is this cardboard sleeve with simple and captivating design wrapping the two single cheescake portions, leaving the transparent parts uncovered to stimulate salivation and therefore desire from buyers.

Cardboard sleeve for branding purposes
Cardboard sleeve for branding purposes

Below is the social activation component of the campaign “Say it with a box” where packaging is definitely key thanks to impactful photos shared on Instagram both by the brand itself and by relevant influencers. The latter must be selected and involved according to the positioning of the product and the target audience. The added value of social media is that customer testimonials immediately start to be published at no cost and without the need for direct solicitation from the brand: the so-called user generated content.

Social media influencer campaign
Social media influencer campaign

We would also like to add our own contribution to this showcase. Since we are talking about romantic songs and verses, we would also have planned a YouTube or TikTok campaign in which ad hoc influencers could sing or simply lip-sync the songs mentioned above to increase the hype and the viral effect.


Such omnichannel initiatives can also be reproduced on a small scale and with limited expenditure. We advise you to focus on packaging: start by creating a prototype on a subject of your choice, preferably in line with seasonality. Packly will produce your themed boxes on a small or large scale. We will ship them to your preferred location, fully complying with the agreed deadlines and the allocated budget.