Packaging and sleeves: thanks to a simple, versatile and low cost solution, interaction with the brand and perception of product value can improve even with low budgets.

Packaging and sleeves. If you are packaging-savvy, you will certainly know what a sleeve is. Otherwise, here is a quick recap. A sleeve is a strip of cardboard to wrap around a product, without necessarily creating a complete, costly box. A sleeve can be customized just like a box by adding brand elements, product information, promotional offers. To make it even more interesting, special finishing can be added making it unique.

Advantages of choosing a sleeve as packaging

Let’s run through the main advantages of choosing a sleeve as a packaging solution.

1. Professional look at low costs: creating a sleeve is a relatively simple process and costs considerably less than building a complete case.

2. Adaptability to any sector: no matter what your reference industry is, the sleeve is used indifferently in all market sectors.

3. Suitability for special offers or seasonal packaging: adapting the packaging to the launch of promotional campaigns or renewing it across seasons can be expensive. A sleeve will solve all these problems.

4. Environmental footprint: Although the cardboard itself is environmentally friendly, the sleeve will let you save in raw materials and ink. Hence the environmental footprint will be lower.

Let’s take a look at some winning examples. In the case of this artisan pasta, the sleeve conveys the emphasis on the product and the strength of the brand through color illustrated graphics, which is brilliant.

Illustrated color sleeve for pasta package
Illustrated color sleeve for pasta package

Still on food, here is another example where the sleeve, occupying only a portion of the package, strikes the balance by making the product look premium, even with minimal packaging.

Partial cardboard sleeve for salmon package
Partial cardboard sleeve for salmon package

Another important element for foods is tools. Here is a basic wooden cutting board that would go unnoticed on the shelf of a shop. The sleeve though highlights the most important message, namely the fact that it’s a handmade and unique piece of craft.

Slim sleeve for wooden cutting board

Moving on to cosmetics we find this soft box containing a kit for the perfect skin routine. At first glance it might have looked like a school case or purse. Thanks to its branded sleeve though, the package is just perfect with minimum expense and maximum impact.

Skin routine kit with fancy sleeve
Skin routine kit with fancy sleeve

And here we come to the closing of our roundup with clothing. Stockings and socks are traditionally stitched to a cardboard sleeve detailing the brand, the composition and the size. This effective approach still works, moreover it makes customization especially easy.

Cardboard sleeves for clothing


If you need to market a product with low marginality or high refresh rate, the sleeve can be the most flexible and cost-effective packaging solution. Try now by building a prototype with your customized graphics, Packly will take care of the printing and shipping!