Packaging for Belgian chocolate. Find out how a maître chocolatier managed to best package his exclusive line of artisanal products with Packly

Packaging for Belgian chocolate. A delicacy that the whole world loves must be flawlessly packaged. Today we want to tell you the story of the maître chocolatier Francois Deremiens with his Mayata collection, who found in Packly the most suitable tools and support to pack an entire line of artisan chocolate.

Company history

Founded in 2005, the Belgian chocolate shop Deremiens uses cocoa beans harvested from all over the world and often very rare ones for their creations. In addition they promote fair trade. 

Their most famous line of handcrafted products consists of a rather varied range of items requiring versatile packaging solutions, in line with the brand and functional to the perfect preservation of the contents.

Meeting Packly

It was on the occasion of the packaging fair in Düsseldorf in 2017 that the meeting with Packly took place. Our set-up and our organizational efforts did not go unnoticed. It was enough for Deremiens to take home one of our prototypes and test the Packly tool in action, to get on board and launch the production of the Mayata chocolate packaging. Here are the benefits of our service in the words of the founder: “We like the fact that we can immediately view the price, adjusting it according to the quantities and the delivery date. The quality is excellent and the feedback on the correctness of the uploaded file is immediate ”.

The genesis of Belgian chocolate packaging

We asked Deremiens to tell us about the genesis of their packaging solutions. Here is how they responded. “For the design we use different approaches. Packaging must be at the service of the brand. We create the project by directly involving our entire team. The ideas for the packaging therefore come not only from the graphic designer, but also from from the chocolate makers and the sales people. Then, we propose to our customers such as schools, associations, etc., to create their own boxes with us so that the packaging is 100% personalized”.

Slim tuck end boxes for dark chocolate
Slim tuck end boxes for dark chocolate

Examples of Deremiens packaging

Let’s observe in detail some examples of inspirational packaging created by Packly on behalf of Deremiens. For the 70% dark chocolate line they chose these slim boxes with the same background, differentiated by the color of the graphics based on the origin of the raw material. The effect is that of exclusivity given by the black background color, with a local touch enhanced by the Aztec mask. The Belgian flag is also visible to underline the country of production, which brilliantly resolves the packaging.

Slim black boxes differentiated by country of origin
Slim black boxes differentiated by country of origin

To reinstate the theme of customization we talked about above, here are various examples of tuck end boxes, boxes with handles, sleeves, etc. with which Deremiens markets its products adapting them to customer needs with the support of Packly’s technology.

Deremiens' customized formats for end customers
Deremiens’ customized formats for end customers


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