Packaging of Kellogg snacks. We will tell you about Landor and Fitch’s relooking project.

The packaging of the Kellogg snacks got a makeover. It had already happened in 2019 when Landor & Fitch had worked on cereal packaging, taking home several design awards.

Kellogg Snack Packaging: The before

Opportunities emerged from an analysis of Kellogg’s market share for breakfast products. An uneven presence on the shelf, diverse packaging and a poorly developed identity system led to suboptimal results.

The outcome was a new look for Kellogg snacks. It harnesses the strength of the iconic core brand to create a more consistent look across the product line. By doing this, the presence and visibility on the shelf also increase.

Kellogg snack packaging: the before
Kellogg snack packaging: the before

Kellogg Snack Packaging: The after

Landor & Fitch has developed a consistent relationship between Kellogg’s master brand and power brands through a well-defined hierarchy of names and identifying features. The primary logo is, in fact, easily recognizable at the top of the new design. Centered below are the name and mascots of the different power brands.

The bar’s packaging appears to be “torn” to reveal the inside. Hence, the attractiveness of the food stands out, optimizing the limited space on the box.

While the color of each wrapper varies based on the leading power brand or undertone, the memorable red logo is constant. The result is undoubtedly simple, clean, and consistent.

Kellogg snack packaging: the after
Kellogg snack packaging: the after

The timing of the launch

The launch has already started in several markets, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, Benelux, France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. The initiative will roll out alongside a multi-brand “Kellogg to Go” campaign on digital, in-store, and social media. “The new design underwent consumer scrutiny with extremely positive results, and I can’t wait to see snacks ramping up in stores across Europe,” adds Landor & Fitch’s Tristan Niamh.


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