Packaging to wear: a box can turn into a fashion accessory. Don’t believe it? Check out Kellogg’s Moschino clutch and other examples of boxes becoming bags.

“Take this hand, oh little box”. This is how Iva Zanicchi would have sung in Sanremo, if, like us, she had been inspired by the packaging to wear. This is just a sketchy joke, but we are excited about the start of the singing festival par excellence. In any case, it seems like a good opportunity to introduce you to a strange yet compelling phenomenon. Several cereal boxes, in fact, have become bags by the hand of famous designers.

Packaging to wear: the Moschino clutch

Moschino has decided to celebrate the Chinese year of the tiger with a rather unusual capsule collection. It is a series of fashion accessories in conjunction with food. The undisputed protagonist is Tony the Tiger, the evergreen character appearing on the boxes of the most famous breakfast cereals in the world: Kellogg’s.

They have t-shirts, pullovers, matching outfits, sweatshirts, tracksuits but above all a leather clutch that faithfully reproduces the blue Kellogg’s box with the beloved tiger.

Packaging to wear: the Kellogg's outfits by Moschino
Packaging to wear: the Kellogg’s outfits by Moschino

The graphics are a 1:1 copy of the real cereal box. Even the sizing  coincides almost perfectly. It is a deep clutch, therefore in our opinion very suitable for holding large smartphones or tablets. In addition, it is particularly handy for storing blush or eye shadow palettes, perfume mini-packs, etc. Of course, since it is a clutch it has no shoulder strap, so it will have to be carried by hand anywhere. Be careful not to forget it on the kitchen table though, because someone could pour its contents into a milk bowl. We have warned you.

The Kellogg's box Moschino clutch
The Kellogg’s box Moschino clutch

The Kellog’s Krispies bag

The Moschino case is not isolated though. We recall another famous precedent of packaging to wear. We are talking about the box of Kellog’s krispies that has become a handbag with a chain shoulder strap. Small, more manageable than the previous one, this accessory has a decidedly vintage flavor. We find it on point for younger and saucy fashion-victims, a look that certainly does not go unnoticed.

The vintage Kellogg's Krispies bag
The vintage Kellogg’s Krispies bag

These two examples are just the tip of the iceberg. As hard as it may be to believe, Kellog’s boxes feature an entire collection of fashionable transpositions, in different materials, shapes and styles. We showcase a rundown below, pretty elegante in combinations. What’s your favorite? Write it in the comments.

Packaging to wear: a roundup of bags from cereal boxes
Packaging to wear: a roundup of bags from cereal boxes


In short: Wearable packaging can impress. However, we could also go the other way around. Is there a stylistic code, a fashion object that has stuck with you? Try to turn it into a box! Build your prototype. We will print it and ship it all over the world, even in single copy!