Packaging reduction. For the sake of sustainability, Kellog’s shrinks cereal boxes. While keeping the same contents, paper and plastic decrease.

Packaging reduction. In recent years, many companies have developed a plan for sustainability. The guiding principle is reducing the environmental footprint, as well as meeting the demands of the most attentive consumers. 

The latter, in fact, base their purchasing choices also and above all on eco-friendliness.

The Kellog’s Wellness Manifesto 

Kellogg’s so-called “Wellness Manifesto” is a 10-year operational plan focused on sustainability and social responsibility. Another far-reaching goal is to limit hunger in the world.

Last year the company had already created a fully recyclable Pringles package. The idea was to start from a pilot market and then extend it globally.

Kellog's packaging range on shelves
Kellog’s packaging range on shelves

By the end of 2025, Kellogg’s aims to produce 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging.

Sustainability info on Kellog's packaging
Sustainability info on Kellog’s packaging

Packaging reduction: the new boxes

A creative who finds himself designing sustainable packaging for food can focus on three main factors: reduction, reuse and recycling of materials. Thanks to the reduction of cardboard used for the packaging of cereals and shrinking of the internal bag, Kellogg’s will release hundreds of tons less of plastic and paper into the environment.

Reduced vintage packaging by Kellog's
Packaging reduction: Kellog’s redesign

From the packaging design point of view, the main novelty is the green band at the top highlighting the eco-sustainability of the new packaging. In the center near the big red K a band points out the supply of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Reduced vintage packaging by Kellog's
Reduced vintage packaging by Kellog’s

Key Statement from the company

Kellogg Vice President Chris Silcock said, “People rightly demand more from companies like ours, and everyone expects food to do good too. We agree. Our products’ resonance is much wider than the contents of our boxes. We continue to work on minimizing our impact on the environment while protecting and preserving our food in the best possible way ”.

Kellog's smart packaging for blind people
Kellog’s smart packaging for blind people
Kellog's limited edition packaging for pride
Kellog’s limited edition packaging for pride


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