Easter is a time of the year that presents a unique opportunity for businesses to stand out, create emotional connections with customers, and enhance their products through innovative and customized packaging. With its custom Easter boxes, Packly is a strategic ally in this process. An ally that provides unique solutions transforming packaging into a powerful branding and marketing tool. Let’s explore some interesting facts and what our creatives are proposing for the 2024 Easter boxes.

The importance of Easter boxes for businesses

Easter, with its traditions and symbols, represents an ideal moment for companies to refresh their product image and attract new customers. How to enhance them? Through packaging that encapsulates quality of raw materials, functionality, and attractive aesthetics. Indeed, thematic and well-designed packaging not only attracts attention, but also communicates the values and quality of the brand, offering a new life to products and a positive experience for users.

Peculiarities of Easter boxes

Packaging for Easter products can be extremely diverse. This diversity depends on the product to be contained, the target audience, the brand, and even the country of sale. Customization is key to brand recognition. However, there are some elements that often unite Easter boxes. Let’s discover which.

Neutral colors: traditional Easter colors include white, yellow, pastel green, and pink. These shades are often used to create an Easter atmosphere in packaging.

Easter symbols: traditional symbols such as the egg, bunny, mini eggs, and Easter basket can be used to decorate the packaging and communicate the theme.

Decorations and ribbons: adding decorations like ribbons or bows can make the packaging more attractive and festive.

Sustainable packaging: with growing ecological awareness, companies are adopting sustainable and high-quality packaging materials for their Easter products, such as recyclable or biodegradable paper. Specifically, using pure cellulose paper from responsibly managed forests offers the opportunity to obtain FSC certification for packaging, like those available on Packly. This feature, on one hand, cares for the Planet, and on the other, boosts brand reputation.

Informative labels: especially for food products, it’s important to include informative labels on the packaging, indicating ingredients, expiration date, and nutritional information, not forgetting disposal information. Particular attention should be paid to this aspect, which is regulated by rather strict laws on environmental labeling of packaging.

How Packly turns Easter packaging into a competitive advantage

Customized solutions for every need

The Packly platform offers a wide range of customization options for Easter boxes, allowing you to choose between different sizes, materials, and special finishes. This flexibility ensures that every company can find the perfect solution for its products, so the boxes reflect the brand’s essence and meet customer expectations.

Technology and sustainability

Furthermore, with Packly, you can create Easter packagings that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and sustainable. Customizing your boxes online, viewing its 3D preview, and ordering it are operations that simplify the creation process, making it accessible in every aspect. Packly’s commitment to sustainability means our eco-friendly solutions respect the environment without compromising the quality and effectiveness of the packaging.

Easter product packaging designed by Packly

To make it easier to find your Easter boxes and surprise your customers, our creatives have studied and propose a selection of must-have packaging for Easter products. Exclusive packaging that can be customized according to your product, dimensions, and graphics. Our team has thought of everything: from Easter sweet boxes to Easter eggs or chocolate bunnies. Each reflects the unique product it will contain.

Now, we want to show you our most emblematic and versatile model: the Easter egg box.


Versatility – as mentioned, this is our most versatile box in the selection. Designed for the Easter egg, but suitable for various products. It’s very simple. Is your product not a chocolate egg? Change the dimensions and customize your packaging!

Customization – neutral colors and Easter symbols stand out, but a unique packaging is the solution to consider. On Packly platform, after choosing the material and special finishes, simply upload your graphics to make the box unparalleled in your customers’ eyes. Our advice? Apply enhancements to your Easter box to make your product stand out even more.

Sustainability – this model, like all others, is 100% sustainable. It is produced with high-quality materials and consists of pure cellulose paper from responsibly managed forests. These features make our packaging completely recyclable. The boxes are allies of the Planet.

Aesthetics – aesthetics and functionality? Said and done! Besides being versatile for different products, this Easter egg packaging is also attractive. Love at first sight for your customers.

Technical information on packaging

Type of Packaging: Box with lid / Auto bottom
Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 240 mm
Printing: Color – CMYK
Material: White SBS cardboard 350 gsm

Box with lid: dieline


Investing in custom Easter boxes with Packly means choosing to stand out, to enhance your products, and to build a lasting relationship with your customers. Packly is the ideal partner for those looking for not just a supplier, but a true strategic ally capable of turning packaging into a strength of their brand.

Discover our selection of custom Easter boxes that Packly can offer you and start today to transform your product into a unique experience for your customers.