Pavé Milano: a story of passion and success topped with exceptional packaging. We met the founders of the famous Milanese bistro.

More often than not, we reiterate how packaging is a strategic marketing lever. Today we want to tell you the story of Pavé Milano. We indeed met Luca Scanni, Diego Bamberghi and Giovanni Giberti, friends and founders of the Milanese bistro.

D: On your website we read that Pavé Milano stems from the dream of 3 friends. Can you tell us more?

Pavé was born in 2012 from the urge of three friends to change their lives. As a matter of fact, we wanted to offer high quality breakfasts and desserts in a very informal setting. The first meeting actually dates back to the beginning of 2011. After the design phase and the inevitable rejections, in October 2011 we found the right space and everything came together. Over the years we have differentiated the offer and products. We did so, without ever distancing ourselves from the original idea of ​​”good things” embedded into our every product. From croissants, to beer through ice cream.

D: Pavé Milano’s Panettone in a jar is already an icon. How did the initiative start?

You know, we certainly didn’t invent the cooking pot. The same goes for the use of vacuum packing for leavened products. Basically, panettone was s gift item that very well summed up our essence. We started with quality ingredients to bake a representative product for us and our city. After that, we added differentiating packaging, modern claims associated with classic items (“Ideal for couples or very hungry singles”). I think this mix most certainly worked for Pavé Milano.

The 2-portion Panettone by Pavé Milano and its packaging=
The 2-portion Panettone by Pavé Milano and its packaging

D: Pavé Milano’s packaging is stylistically distinctive. What inspired it?

We have been collaborating with a graphic studio from friends for years. The fact that they are friends before being partners has helped a lot in the creative process. We have constantly evolved since, always trying to renew ourselves. As a matter of fact, we know that a good idea can be replicated in a relatively short time, watering down its originality. For Pavé’s packaging, colors play a very important role and textures do too. Indeed, we find it stimulating to revolutionize part of our offer every year.

Q: How did you get to know Packly and how did we contribute to your projects?

Diego (founding partner, together with Luca and Giovanni) has always been involved in supplies and printing. During a collaboration with another brand he discovered Packly, realizing that it could fit many of our formats. It was an opportunity to add packaging (and graphic space) to Pavé Milano’s products. We were instantly pleased with the results.

The Panettone in a Jar by Pavé Milano on social media
The Panettone in a Jar by Pavé Milano on social media

Q: Can you tell us about the latest packaging you built on Packly?

That would be The Love Jar, “for those who are badly in love”. We are approaching Valentine’s Day and we have thought of a leavened product with ginger, chocolate and raspberry for lovers or, in general, for those craving affection. Compared to last year, in fact, we added the cardboard packaging to complement an interesting product.

The Love Jar by Pavé Milano and its packaging on IG
The Love Jar by Pavé Milano and its packaging on IG

Photo credits: CarlottaCoppoPhotography


In short: need to design or renew the packaging for your products? Get inspired by Pavé. Start experimenting with our software by creating a prototype. You can modify it at will and buy the desired copies without minimum orders or waste.