Press events, or press days, are rarely held during summer breaks, when journalists and opinion leaders are on vacation. But it’s good to get on with the job and be prepared for the big comeback

August is typically vacation time. Attendance in the newsrooms is reduced to the bare minimum, there are hardly any press events or launches of products and services, hence gossip under the beach umbrella rules.

So what should external relation managers within a company or a PR agency do? Cross their arms and dip their feet into an inflatable pool?

Not really. Customers or marketing colleagues will start planning promotional campaigns and back-to-school press events, so it’s good to get get ready with prototypes and quotes in hand.

Packly is your ideal partner for these important opportunities to connect with opinion leaders, customers or the specialized press.

Check out Packly’s 5 tips for hosting wallet-proof press events

1. Create a surprise package instead of the classic invitation

Upon returning to the office or in the newsroom, email boxes are bursting. It is not uncommon to see unread messages with three-digit numbers, even on smartphones. So how do we make our invitation more appealing than others? Easy! We pick an original format and go for snail mail postage. We can think of a package to be delivered with a personalized note for the recipient, a physical and digital press folder and custom gadgets. Unboxing must be an immersive experience, so you’ll want to choose a simple but elegant box that will encourage the recipient to discover its contents.

Elegant press kit by Sephora
Elegant press kit by Sephora

2. Prepare an updated and functional press folder or press kit

If you want to involve journalists, opinion leaders, influencers etc. you can’t expect them to do all the homework and retain the facts and figures of your brand. Prepare a press folder with an updated business profile, press releases or key information materials and a roundup of photos optimized both for the web and for printing to be used alongside the article, social post or editorial that will be released.

Although it is common for all these assets to be digitized, typically on a USB stick, the appeal of paper and the disruptive power of a counter current approach are often rewarding. Choose a folder in our catalog, customize it with a compelling graphic layout and you won’t miss the target.

Digital and paper press kit by Ogilvy and Mather
Combined approach of digital and paper press kit by Ogilvy and Mather

3. Create customized packaging for gadgets

Whether you’re sending food gadgets, clothing, tech accessories etc. they should be inserted into a case so as to protect them and enhance their value. Check out all possible choices on Packly, add a customization and the packaging is done. The brand recognition and functionality of the box are the key to attracting the recipient’s attention.

Journalist/Influencer press kit by L'Oréal
Journalist/Influencer press kit by L’Oréal
Press kit by Nespresso
Summer flavored press kit by Nespresso

4. Include a short note explaining the creative concept

Why do you want to engage with that blogger, journalist, influencer or similar? What is the creative idea that serves as the basis for the event you are organizing? A message of a few lines, well written, can ensure the release of an article, a mention or even the establishment of an ongoing relationship with your most influential stakeholders.

 Press kit by Azede Jean-Pierre
Press kit by Azede Jean-Pierre

5. Repeat the same creative concept for the event set-up

The concept developed in synergy with your creative agency or the internal events department must be replicated in the chosen location through the set-up. We are thinking for example of roll-ups with logo and payoff, posters to hang on the walls, custom boxes for finger food or themed catering, sets of notebooks or cases with branded pens and cardboard shoppers to hold the necessary for the perfect press officer.


Are you a communications manager for a company or PR agency in need for the tools to send a persuasive press kit or to organize a memorable press event?

Packly is your trusted supplier. Build a prototype now and don’t worry about minimum order quantities: there are none!