Perhaps not everyone knows that Queen Elizabeth II of England, who recently passed away, was a green ruler. The British sovereign, in fact, had engaged in a fight against plastic for accessories and court furnishings. The same goes for the packaging of her gadgets.

The fight against plastic has recently lost one of its most illustrious and unsuspected supporters: Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen of England, in fact, did not like the use of polluting tableware or accessories in daily life at court. 

Not only. On the occasion of the platinum jubilee, gadgets dedicated to the sovereign with cardboard packaging thrived on the market. The agency that oversaw the creation of these splendid memorabilia is Design Bridge for Fortnum & Mason products.

Gadgets for the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's reign
Gadgets for the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s reign

“We are proud to have launched a range of products for the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. We commissioned a design that not only reflects the occasion but is also rich in storytelling and surprise”. So commented Yvonne Isherwood, Design Manager, Fortnum & Mason.

The graphic includes a cabbage placed in the center in memory of the affectionate nickname used by Prince Philip for the sovereign. Memories of their wedding recur throughout the artwork. There is also the lily of the valley, which appeared on Queen Elizabeth’s bridal bouquet. The brooch, placed under the cabbage, was a gift for the wedding to the Duke of Edinburgh. The beautiful wedding dress motifs inspire the crown canopy’s details.

Gadgets for the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's reign
The eye-catching design for Fortnum and Mason

A corgi sits proudly in the center of the crown. Adorning the sides are racehorses and pigeons. The legacy and contribution of the Queen of England unfold throughout the project. The Queen’s Canopy is a nod to the Commonwealth, and the truck wheel celebrates her time in the army dating back to 1944.

Queen Elizabeth’s Mugs

There are several variations of gadgets created for Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign. Below we propose a more folkloric, less sober cup with the must-have spoon for tea time.

Lid and bottom box

Queen Elizabeth’s dolls

An iconic character like Queen Elizabeth has also inspired dolls and figurines. Let’s see the prestigious version of Mattel, where we find the longest sovereign in England instead of the usual Barbie.

Queen Elizabeth II for Mattel
Queen Elizabeth II for Mattel

For the new generations, however, we find a LOL-style doll depicting the queen in a fuchsia suit accompanied by the faithful corgi.

Queen Elizabeth II and her Corgi
Queen Elizabeth II and her Corgi


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