Shrinkflation: it means leaving the packaging and prices of products unchanged while decreasing the contents. A growing trend enraging consumers. Packly offers smarter alternatives.

Several cases of shrinkflation have arisen in Italy. The term comes from the English “shrinkage,” “contraction and “inflation,” price increase). It’s not just your impression, then, it’s confirmed. Numerous consumer associations have reported prices and packaging of products staying unchanged despite inflation, using a trick. Once the packaging is open, the internal content appears more petite than usual.

Shrinkflation: the best known examples

We at Packly love fairplay, so we will try to give examples, without blaming the brands.

Have you noticed any packets of chips where there’s more air than potatoes? Does your favorite Swiss nougat seem strangely shorter than usual? Does the toothpaste you use daily “dangle” a little inside the cardboard box? Well, let’s face it, you are in good company.

Shrinkflation: same package, less chips
Shrinkflation: same package, less chips

Shrinkflation: the Istat study

In this regard, a recent Istat study identified 7,306 cases of shirnkflation in Italian shops and supermarkets. The peaks “affect the sector of sugar, sweets, jams, chocolate, honey. In 613 cases, there is a decrease in quantity and a price increase. In the bread and cereals compartment, we find 788 cases. However, only a reduction in packaging came about here – concludes Codacons in a press release. Other categories to pay attention to include “Soft drinks, fruit juices, milk, cheeses, creams, and lotions.” 

Shrinkflation on the size of toilet paper rolls
Shrinkflation on the size of toilet paper rolls

The reasons behind this practice

On the one hand, shrinkflation is opportunistic and aims to confuse the consumer. The latter, in fact, does not usually keep track of the net product weight or question the packaging size. On the other hand, however, there may also be good faith. Often the company does not have the time, nor the budget, to redesign the packaging.

Contents shrinkflation in tube package
Contents shrinkflation in tube package

This is where Packly’s innovative solution comes into play.

By ordering packaging with customized and on-demand sizes, there’s zero waste and a lower impact of the entire supply chain on the environment. Packly’s packaging stems from 100% energy from renewable sources. All materials are food safe and therefore extremely versatile.

Personalization: to each their own packaging. The model library offers an almost infinite range of solutions.

Thanks to the special finishes available on Packly, packages can be embellished at competitive prices.


Whether you need to redesign an existing package or draft your first prototype, you’ve landed in the right place. With Packly you can customize the size of your boxes to the tenth of a millimeter, personalize them at best and without waste.