Are you looking for useful information on how to use color in your packaging and graphic design projects? Then this article is for you!

Throughout the years we have dealt with issues concerning color on more than a few occasions and now the time has come to take stock of the situation.

As with any topic, it’s best to start with the basics. Color theory, psychology, and RGB and CMYK models are the very first things to look at. These three topics offer a general overview of all the physical and psychological components of color. You will also find brief digression on which color model to use based on the purpose of your project that will help you avoid any blunders.

Among the articles we recommend you to read is an interesting piece on black in print. It comprises a detailed explanation of different types of black, essential to choose your colors knowingly because, as we all know, not all blacks are the same.

In “Why packaging colors influence consumer purchases” we exemplify some basic concepts of chromatic psychology. The article focuses on the influence of various colors on human emotional and physiological responses and focuses on how to use and choose colors when working on your projects. We then further explore the topic in the post on the influence of color on the purchase of food, entirely dedicated to the food sector.

The last article deals with chromatic metamerism, a visual phenomenon closely linked to the perception of color. An example of metamerism is two different colored boxes looking exactly the same under certain lighting. 

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