Today, we present the Packly inspiration for a shoebox: creativity, bright colors, and ennoblement for a WoW effect.

In 2021, the value of Italian footwear companies (170 firms with a turnover exceeding €10 million) showed a V-shaped recovery to 9.5 billion euros. However, this figure marks a +21% over 2020, without returning to pre-pandemic levels. A shoebox can prove to be a very effective tool to boost sales

It is now time to go back to the city and bury the summer sandal, which has also gone viral on social media. Today we present the creative idea of ​​a beautiful shoebox, enticing to display and convenient to store.

Packly’s inspiration for shoes box

How many times did you lose the lids of those boxes? Or maybe they ripped and didn’t close anymore? No problem. We indeed decided to use the pull-out box, which is compact and elegant. The color is a very fashionable rust/bronze. The nuance of the tray is slightly lighter than the sleeve, with a fancy tone-on-tone effect. Of course, there’s gold foil as a special finishing to convey preciousness and exclusivity. On a tactile level, the experience is also multisensory.

Pull out shoebox with tray and sleeve

Why Choose The Packly Shoebox

Interested in hearing four reasons to choose this creative solution by Packly?

1. Customizable measures. You can adjust the shoe box size to tenths of a millimeter for an infinite range of possibilities.

2. Maximum stackability. These boxes can be stacked easily in the shop or in the warehouse. Furthermore, there is no need to put the lid on and off because the sleeve slides easily.

3. Great visuals online and offline. In a physical or online store, a thought-through package enhances the value of the item it contains.

4. Sustainability and no minimum order. You can experiment by creating different prototypes without order minimums, always keeping sustainability in mind. Packaging made by Packly is 100% recyclable.

360 view for the shoebox
360 view for the shoebox

Technical specifications for the shoebox

Packaging Type: Pull out box

Dimensions: 280x120x70mm

Printing option: Full color – CMYK

Special Finishings: Raised Gold foil

Material: SBS cardboard 300 gsm | 0,345mm

Shoebox die-line
Shoebox die-line


In short: do you need to pack fashion accessories, footwear, or similar? Our creative team got to work for you, providing an inspirational sample that is basically ready-to-go. Get inspired by the Packly shoebox. You can customize it in size and graphics, obtaining a 3D sharable model in seconds!