The case of the Re-Belle box: a successful packaging brought to you by Packly. A subscription box for curious, dreamy, independent and rebellious women that contains projects on illustration, fashion, literature, comics, music, beauty and home design. Girls can do anything!

The Re-Belle box case, that is to say a container of ideas and creativity for women. We want to launch a new section where we put our most enthusiastic, imaginative and innovative customers in the spotlight, accompanying them towards great achievements. Let’s start with a surprise subscription box, aimed at unleashing the inventiveness, fantasy and rebellion of corageous women. In addition to this noble purpose, Re-Belle box supports many charity initiatives, devoting part of its proceeds to make a difference in the world.

We had a virtual chat with Annamaria Di Matteo, co-founder and art director at Re-Belle box, who walked us through the milestones of their journey.

How did the "Re-Belle box" project come about? 

The project started two years ago in a very short timeframe, in the form of a game / creative outburst and passion of only two people, with a very small investment. The idea popped up one evening on the sofa.

We discovered the existence of these boxes, already very trendy abroad, and we found the concept really fun and original, but a bit shallow, because it is usually focused on the promotion of commercial brands. The mechanism is always the same, we didn’t reinvent it. The surprise that reaches you at home, the pleasure of taking a moment for yourself to unbox something, the WOW effect. We have taken up this basic idea of ​​all subscription boxes and transformed it into a container of creativity, art and culture for women, which however also focuses on who is behind the product and on their story.

Re-Belle Box is made by women-for women, as our slogan says: “Girls can do Anything“! πŸ˜‰

Re-Belle box on the heroines of literature
Re-Belle box on the heroines of literature
What were the main stages of the project implementation? 

The development of the idea, of a very strong and recognizable graphic identity and of the packaging (the undisputed protagonist is always “the box”).

Then there is the continuous search for artists / small brands, particular products with beautiful stories behind them in line with the project and the themes of the boxes, the setup of the website and the promotion, creating a social community that increasingly trusts our choices (being Re-Belle a purchase made largely “in the dark”).

Re-Belle boox on happiness
Re-Belle boox on happiness
 When did you discover Packly and how did it make a difference? 

Packly arrived about a year and a half after the birth of Re-Belle,  and now we cannot do without it! πŸ˜€

Initially, also because of the reduced budget, we used a standard packaging, an iconic box that was issued every month with the same graphics and format. Obviously this limited us a lot in the choice of contents and it did not contribute to making the theme of the month recognizable, sometimes causing confusion.

The project has grown quickly, even if it’s still in the start-up phase, earning collaborations with important artists and publishers for the launch of new books, films, events – related to the theme of the month and the female world. With the first important collaboration, we tried this different approach: creating a new box every month, which would adapt to the content in shape and size and which would have an attractive and recognizable graphic.

And this is where Packly came into the picture: we did a lot of research online, but it seemed to be the best service. The possibility of customization is total, the print quality is excellent and very faithful to the original colors, the team is kind and attentive.

The initiative was immediately successful, making each box some sort of Limited Edition to collect. Our followers can’t wait to find out what the theme’s packaging of the month will be!! πŸ™‚

Re-Belle box dedicated to cats
Re-Belle box dedicated to cats
How important is packaging and unboxing in your case? 

For us it is essential. Packaging is the safe-keeper of the product, but, relying entirely on pre-orders and being a surprise purchase, it is also one of the most strategic elements.

The first contact point, and one of the few things that our followers will see, is the packaging itself and that, together with some small anticipations on the theme of the month, wiill have to convince the user to buy it. With good graphics and a quality product you can stand out.

When we deliver our orders, there is an invasion of unboxing pictures on social media and many people who don’t know us are enticed, they start following us and become potential new buyers. Also our followers love the new boxes, they are more versatile and exclusive, subscribers keep them and reuse them!

Re-Belle box on witches and magic
Re-Belle box on witches and magic


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