Saturday evening, the final of the 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festival will air, and the bets on the winner will multiply. Even the boxes play a part in the singing competition par excellence; let’s see why.

The 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festival will wrap up with the final on Saturday. We know that the public is divided into two groups: the fanatics ready with the FantaSanremo app, eager to vote for their favorite artist, and intent on memorizing the lyrics a few days in advance. On the other hand, there will be the Grinches of the flowered festival par excellence. Those who…. can’t wait for this to come to an end!

Ok, we got you. But have you ever thought that the word “box” and its synonyms often appear in songs? No? Oh well, we’re here to point it out.

Boxes named in songs

Laura Pausini

In 2022 the timeless Laura Pausini made an appearance as a super-guest. She won in 1993 with the song “Loneliness,” launching her shortly after that into the Olympus of international music. Do you know which single the queen of Italian pop presented last year on the stage of the Ariston? A song called “Box.”

I found you in a box, there was your mobile number; I called but couldn’t reach you

I wonder if you forgot me.

But Lauretta, we at Packly could never forget you. We can print the mobile number in gold, silver foil, or spot varnish, and you get to choose the box size.

Lucio Battisti

Still among the sacred monsters of Italian music, we could not fail to mention the late Lucio Battisti. Ok, we are not talking about a Sanremo song, but who among you has never hummed this during a bonfire or a school trip:

A warehouse that contains many creates some black, some yellow, some red

Having to choose and study my moves, I am at an impasse.

Unfortunately, Lucio, we were not there then, but we at Packly would have taken you out of the impasse by creating black, yellow, and red boxes, even larger and for big runs.

Antonello Venditti

We’ll leave the stage to the evergreen Antonello Venditti and his “Empty Boxes.”

Empty boxes full of silence

I count the shoes that take you away

Antonello, we can fill the silence of these boxes, and for the shoes, we found a Packly inspiration that will leave an indelible imprint, perhaps not in music, but certainly in our romantic hearts.

Max Pezzali

In the same year, 2007, the former 883 Max Pezzali, the idol of Gen X and Millenial with their sentimental problems, published the hit “Locked in a box.”

Held captive in a box

It is made of iron, glass, and plastic.

Yes, but Max, you should have focused on sustainability. With Packly’s stretched, corrugated, or polythene cardboard, you can unleash your creativity by obtaining high-quality and completely green packaging. Indeed, while you’re at it, warn your friend Carmen Consoli with her “Plastic Love.” The 90s are long gone; it’s time to consider the environment. Packly uses 100% recyclable glues, paints, and raw materials.

Pinguini tattici nucleari

We close our very personal song review with a contemporary band, the Pinguini tattici nucleari, with a hit from 2019 entitled “Boxes”:

But songs are basically just boxes

Where people take refuge when it’s raining outside

When it’s raining outside, you can always take refuge in the comfort of our extensive library of models and customization possibilities to the tenth of a millimeter.

Last but not least, Chiara Ferragni, an icon of style, costume, entrepreneur, and empress of social media, stated in her monologue from the first evening:

We all have the word fragile written on our skin, we are boxes that contain wonder and must be opened with care

Chiara, our goddess, the unboxing, as you describe it, is a mixture of sweetness and turmoil. At Packly, we can protect any fragility with resistant materials packaged in a WOW effect design, just like you.

The foreign singers’ section

You thought we wouldn’t find a section for foreign guests? DJ Packly recommends:

  • Gavin James – Boxes
  • FLO – Cardboard Box
  • Living in a Box with the homonymous song, practically our national anthem.


In short: if you enjoyed singing outside the box with the Sanremo Festival, we got you covered. Experience Packly’s creative interface today and enjoy the convenience of 3D preview and the speed of our high-quality print services for small, medium, and large runs.